• March 13, 2019

Getting Your New Business Moving

Many people who go into the moving business seem to like to make simplicity their unique selling point. Frequently their business ad will refer to “A Man and a Van”, quite purposely trading on the apparent effortlessness of moving somebody’s personal effects from one place to another. But if you are the person actually offering the service, your watchword really ought to be “A Man, a Van and a Plan”.

Planning is, after all, essential if your are to succeed in any new venture.  But when the substantial investment involved in buying a new, or at least newish, vehicle which can be relied upon is factored into the equation, not the mention the not inconsiderable cost of insurance against any damage or breakages, having a business strategy in place is a must. In the moving game, the ability to foresee the unforeseeable can mean the difference between business success and failure.

Tools for Lifting, and Protecting Against Accidents

Most movers who know what they are doing will have a certain amount of equipment at their disposal as well as just the bare necessities like a vehicle. Straps for lifting especially heavy objects will help protect against accidents, and such things as a wheelbarrow and even a basic set of tools may also prove helpful in the field.

All the same for the well-equipped, well-insured mover, there has probably never been a better time to be in business. A more fluid population means people aren’t remaining in the town in which they were born for the rest of their lives, but rather are upping sticks and moving around more frequently than ever. And whilst this might be a bad thing from the point of view of maintaining communities, it is good news for those who make their living transporting belongings and furniture from one place to another. The mobility of the real estate business guarantees that there will always be plenty of work.

A Website Is Essential for Promoting Your Business

The other thing the modern mover will need of course is a website. Nobody looks in shop windows any more, in fact the web is the new shop window and one into which the whole world is looking. According to a study by CNBC, almost half of small business do not have their own website. That is a massive missed opportunity in a world where the majority of the information we receive is sourced on the internet.

The other inescapable factor about the moving business in the United States is the sheer size of the country, and the incidence of long-distance moving – sometimes even from coast to coast. A small business which is unable to effect a co-ordinated strategy for moving citizens around over long journeys is not getting the very best from its business potential. This is an opportunity lost, because with a bit of planning it should always be possible to hook up with another operator to see the contract through and to offer a bespoke service to the satisfaction of the customer.

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