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  • April 12, 2021

How to Build a Real Estate Empire Before You Hit 30

In this modern world, there are a variety of ways that you can make investments in your future. You can set up your own business, you can buy shares and stocks, and you can invest in things such as Bitcoin.
  • March 26, 2021

Are You Going to Hate Your New Home After a Month?

Buying a home is a huge decision, one that takes a lot of thought and we don’t want to make things feel even more uncertain. However, there is a not-entirely-uncommon phenomenon of people buying what they think will be their forever home, only to find that their love starts
  • March 25, 2021

Searching for Your Forever Home? Here’s What You Need to Know

There comes a point in life when you want to put down permanent roots and to feel settled. When you arrive at this stage, you will want to make sure that you have the perfect home, a place that you can live comfortably in for many years to come.
  • March 22, 2021

Should You Make Compromises When Buying a New Home?

We all know that buying a home is a serious monetary investment, but it’s important not to underestimate the amount of time it takes to go from searching for a home to actually getting the keys for it. Much of that time investment comes from the process of buying
  • March 18, 2021

What to Consider When Developing Your Commercial Premises

Your business’s location needs to satisfy a variety of needs. If you’ve decided that now is the time to develop it further and make some changes, there are lots of things that you’re probably going to want to take into account. Your premises will act as the base for
  • March 17, 2021

All Home Buyers Need to Know These 4 Things

If you’re a smart homebuyer, then you’ve probably already done your research and decided that buying a place makes more sense for you than renting. Renting is often described by people as ‘lost money’ – but while you’re paying your landlord’s mortgage, you’re not losing money. You have a
  • March 16, 2021

What You Need to Know About Homeowner Associations

A lot of residential communities have a homeowner’s association, which you will typically see abbreviated to HOA. This is a structure that assists in terms of maintaining a cohesive and clean atmosphere within a neighborhood. If you want to find out more about homeowner’s associations, below, we will present
  • March 11, 2021

Getting the Best Price on Any Property

If you’re looking to buy a property, whether it is to live in, for investment purposes, or some other reason, then you want to make sure that you get the best deal possible. You should always measure your expectations of how much you can “knock off” of an asking
  • March 2, 2021

Property Investor Mistakes That Drive Real Estate Agents Crazy

If you’re into the real estate investment game, then you’ll know that there’s a steep learning curve. You have to take on so much information to even get started. No wonder, then, that some investors in the business drive real estate agents crazy. They don’t know the lay of
  • February 25, 2021

Understanding Your Responsibilities as a Property Investor

When you seek to invest in property, you obviously want to try and make as much money as possible. That is likely going to be your primary aim. But there are many corollary things you have to think about at the same time, and if you fail on these

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