• June 15, 2021

Does a Business Have to Do Its Own Product Testing?

Product testing is a very complex, exciting, and sometimes costly stage in the product production endeavor. It’s something that not many businesses have mastered because there is so much to consider, and thus so much that can go wrong. Compliance is obviously a great guideline. Industry regulators will provide a nice framework for operations within.

However, these are just the basic rules you must follow and they do nothing about showing you how to be innovative. Product testing also requires assets such as a testing facility and perhaps even a manufacturing plant. So, does this all mean that product testing has to be done by the brand itself? No. Here’s why.

Confirmed List

Industry regulators can give you guidance as to how you should test your product to meet compliance legislation. Usually, a regulator will have a list of product testing companies that have been approved for a range of reasons.

  • They follow the compliance laws to a tee
  • They understand key dependencies that regulators require to be fulfilled; i.e. raw material quality, hazard awareness, design integrity.
  • They provide businesses with full reports on how they could improve their product, should it fail their tests.

Contact your local authority and or go onto the government website. Contact the approved regulators and ask for a list of appointed product testing companies and then go from there.

Design and Testing

It’s perfectly reasonable to want to test a brand new product, during the design phase. Some companies do not have even basic testing capabilities. So, it can feel as if a product is being designed on a whim and you don’t really know if it will be feasible. However, you can both design and test your product when you work with certain wholesale developers. One of the best examples of this is wholesale vape carts. You can design your own strand, grow it, process it, and this company will select the correct device, test the product, brand it to your specifications and create a report on what the product is capable of. You do the rest regarding retail and marketing.

Approved in-House Testing

Some products can be tested in-house, even if you have basic testing facilities. If you have a product that is in the process of being tested by outsourcing testing companies, you can play a role in getting it approved. Human testing of the product, such as how customers use the product, can be done in-house. Major companies do this when they want to make their product baby-proof. You’ll be able to spot where some small loose parts of the product might come loose and potentially become a choking hazard. If some customers drop your product or are rough with it, you can spot where you need to reinforce parts of your product to make it stronger.

Product testing can be done by external means. In a perfect world, you could perform all the testing regulators demand in-house but this is usually an exclusive capability of major brands. Yet, as you can see you’re not short of options.

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