• August 14, 2019

Ways That You Can Ensure People Are Happy at Your Company

When it comes to being a boss, one of your most important tasks is to make sure that your employees are happy. If they’re happy, they will do their best work, and if they do their best work, your results will be excellent. Here are some tips on how to ensure your workplace is healthy and happy.

Provide Development Opportunities

Any employee worth their salt will be delighted with the opportunity to add more strings to their bow. If people feel unfulfilled at work and as if their skills are not being properly utilised, chances are, they will start to look for new opportunities, and that’s something that you want to avoid. Training courses will mean that your employees will be able to add new skills to their resumes without leaving, and they will also mean that you can start to delegate more and focus on leading rather than the nitty gritty everyday tasks that other people can do. A mentoring scheme is another way to ensure that employees can develop their skills and learn from someone further ahead in the business – you could even be a mentor yourself.

Offer Consistent Praise

It’s important that you acknowledge people’s hard work so that they feel appreciated. Offering praise is something that you can do easily every day for free. You don’t have to wait until something that’s a really big deal happens – you can praise people for smaller tasks, like their contributions to meetings, coming in early, sending in a piece of work ahead of time. Thanking people is something that is incredibly underrated: positive reinforcement is much better than telling people off if they don’t get something quite right.

Remember the Importance of Flexibility

In the modern workplace, flexibility is important – and most companies realise that, so if you don’t, you’ll find yourself left in the dust. With technological advances it’s extremely easy for people to work from home every so often, which can also help them avoid the expense and time of a commute. Having set working hours may often mean that people feel imprisoned into them and as though the rest of their lives and responsibilities – caring for children and older family members, for example – are suffering because of their jobs. This should not be the case – so long as people’s requests for flexible working are reasonable, you should allow them to do so. Having the office open between 7AM and 7PM, for example, will enable people to work the eight hours between those times that suits them the best.

Ask for Feedback – and Listen to It

It’s a good idea to make sure you ask for feedback as much as you can, and then make sure that you actually act on what people say to you. Employee engagement survey results analysis will provide you with data that will help you to increase your output in the office and improve your outcomes, so you need to make sure that data is thoroughly analysed.

Making sure that people are happy at your company is crucial to your success – make sure that you foster a friendly atmosphere that’s conducive to development in the workplace, and you’ll be surrounded with happy staff members.

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