• March 12, 2020

Top Behaviors of an Efficient Fleet Manager – and Tips on How to Be One!

As a fleet manager, you need to be able to run your vehicle fleet with ease. Streamlining is so essential in the workplace, and to be an effective fleet manager, you need to ensure that your business processes are running smoothly. Every manager wants to know that they are doing an excellent job in the workplace, and the best way to ensure that you are is to ask for feedback from your staff.

Managers are under a lot of pressure to perform miracles with their business and employees. You are expected to be on top of keeping the fleet staff safe as well as look after the team on the floor of your business. Your behavior as a manager will directly affect the people working under you. There are several habits that you can ensure that you are an efficient fleet manager. When you implement these habits in your work practice, you’ll find a big difference in your bottom line as well as ensuring that your workforce remains safe.

Let’s check out some of the ways that an efficient fleet manager behaves!

  1. There are plenty of hazards out there that affect your drivers, and you should always aim to act on those hazards rather than react to possible safety issues. Don’t wait for there to be an accident: look at apps that monitor the behavior of your drivers. You can also act when it comes to the money you’re spending on fuel by introducing a Watchcard into your business. You will be a far more efficient manager when you know where your money is going and how much your drivers are spending on fuel.
  2. Make managing your fleet super easy by reminding your drivers of their routines when it comes to servicing their vehicles as well as vehicle maintenance. It’s your job to make life as simple as possible so that your drivers can concentrate on the road. Ensure that they are doing their scheduling and reporting effortlessly with the right apps in place. Fleet management software is a must!
  3. It would help if you had your fleet to be as consistent as possible. There are purchasing guidelines to follow, which means that you can buy and dispose of new vehicles without haemorrhaging money! It would help if you met the needs of your fleet at all times, and you can do that when everyone is following the right guidelines.
  4. Knowing what you want from your drivers is imperative to the cause here. You want to make sure that you reward your drivers for doing a good job. You can do this based on regular vehicle inspections, excellent fuel efficiency and even excellent driving performance.
  5. Measurements are so crucial in your fleet management efforts, as you need to monitor the progress of your drivers as well as the vehicles themselves. Without the right metrics, you have no idea where you are supposed to improve. Good fleet managers will keep on top of everything to enhance the performance of their fleet overall.
  6. Everything must be documented and tracked. A good habit of a successful fleet manager is that they ditch the paperwork and embrace cheap online storage instead. Efficiency is critical and comes in the form of excellent digital documentation when you are looking to improve your processes.

Each of these are examples of good habits, as shown by efficient fleet managers. If you are hoping to be successful, then these behaviours should be relevant to you. There are plenty of solutions out there that are available to ensure that you are just as on the ball with your own fleet. The problem? Trying to weed out those solutions and find the right one for your business!

In the interest of being a better fleet manager for your particular fleet, we’ve got a few ways fleet management software will benefit your business and help you to be more profitable.

Go Paperless

Your drivers are going to struggle to keep up with their paperwork as well as keep an eye on their schedule. You want to make life as easy as possible, which is why paperless log books are the best option for your drivers. If you know that you can optimize their driving time and streamline any roadside inspections, it’s an excellent idea for fleet managers. The best bit? These can be completed with smartphones, with all necessary information taken care of.

Encourage Device Use (Not While Driving)

Most fleet management software can be used on tablets and smartphones, but there is no need for your business to go ahead and buy up all the smartphones and tablets out there to do the job. Have your staff download the software that they need to their own devices. This will cut your costs and ensure that your team has everything that they need at the same time.

Resource Management

If you ensure that the resources of your drivers are appropriately scheduled, you’re going to be able to allocate your drivers where they need to be and when they need to be there. As a fleet manager, you need to know which vehicles are required, and proper resource management can help here. Proper resource management is going to keep your fleet running correctly on the road.


Your vehicle maintenance is going to be the essential thing that you do to keep your drivers safe on the road. Vehicles that are well looked after are those that are going to stay on the roads for longer and cost you less. Maintaining your fleet will mean that you spend less on vehicle replacement and it’s up to you as a good fleet manager to ensure that vehicles are correctly serviced on time, every time. Increase how often you inspect your vehicles, and you can stay ahead of any issues before they become a glaring problem! Great fleet managers know that maintenance may seem like an upfront cost, but it’s going to save money in the long term.

Performance Analytics

Drivers work long hours, and it’s not an easy job to do. It is a toll on mental and physical health to drive long distances, but you can incentivize your drivers and keep them motivated to keep them going. You can look after fuel from a distance with the right tools, and you can analyze the performance of your drivers to ensure that they are fuel-efficient. When you trust your drivers to do the right thing and drive well, they drive better. They perform better, knowing that you are sure that they are safe on the road. Once you analyze the performance of your drivers, you can figure out where any mistakes would be made. From here you can work out where any possible fixes can be made, too. You can help your drivers to develop better, which leads to better training and even better performance from them!

Monitor Safety

The biggest issue with vehicle fleet companies is the risk of accidents. Road accidents are more than a worry as you want to ensure that your drivers are as safe as they can be on the road – as well as other drivers. Accidents aren’t just an issue for your company and the bottom line, but for the financial impact on your employees. Training and education are so necessary here, and you need to think about ensuring that your drivers are updated continuously with the latest in road safety. Between that and the vehicular maintenance that you plan, you can ensure that you are keeping an eye on your fleet at all times.

Efficiency is vital in fleet management and with the tips above, you can become a better fleet manager today.