• November 29, 2019

Tips to Keep Your Workplace Safe for Staff

Your working environment should be a safe one for your staff. There are many dangers within the workplace, but most can be avoided with the right amount of care and attention.  Here are some tips to keep your workplace safe for staff.

Put in Preventative Measures

Accidents happen, and more often than not, they will happen regardless of whether you prepared for them or not. However, to try and avoid these from happening too often, there are preventative measures that you can put in place. The first one being that all electrical items and equipment have been checked, and there are instructions or guides on how to use them safely. The things you put out in the office building or workplace can also be useful to ensure everyone is safe, like anti slip tape for those areas that may become slippery or unstable.

Have All of the Emergency Medical Equipment

Having your emergency medical kit and equipment stocked up and ready is very important to have. If you don’t have it available on-site for when it needs to be used, then you could become liable for not having the proper equipment or materials that could help someone who is injured or in need of emergency medical assistance. So make sure that all of the possible emergency care and kit that you need are available to every floor in the building. Having First Aiders on site is also helpful to have, so try to ensure that this happens and that people get trained regularly, just in case some staff end up leaving.

Give Staff a Detailed Building Induction

When any new members of staff start within the company, it’s a good idea to make sure that they understand the layout and all the necessary building procedures. So from fire training to knowing where to go when evacuated is all very much important. Any building information that is deemed necessary to know should also be put up around the workplace so that it’s always there as a reminder. This also shows that you’ve done everything as a business to keep your staff protected and informed of any dangers.

Encourage Staff to Take Regular Breaks

A lot of staff can become fixed in their office chair for the majority of the day, and although they might not mind it, it’s not good for their posture or for their general health and mental wellbeing. Try to encourage your staff to take regular breaks throughout the day, even if it’s ten minutes to take a walk outside or to make a cup of tea or coffee. Even though they may not want to, it should be a rule that the heads of  the department should continue to enforce in order to make sure staff are looking after themselves and that workplace productivity can remain at a positive level constantly.

Keeping the workplace safe as an employer is important, so do your bit to make sure that you’ve made a happy and safe working environment.

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