• April 10, 2020

Seniors & Lockdown – How to Help

It’s not easy to get older, but aging is definitely something that happens to the luckiest among us. At this moment in time, the world is upside down: coronavirus has got us all worried about what will happen next. The most vulnerable among us are the seniors, and it’s up to all of us to protect our elderly community as much as possible.

If we protect them, we can ensure that they are happy and healthy – even at a time of lockdown. Doing your part will ensure that they are mentally and physically sound, and it’s good for the soul to help someone in need.

The main worry for most right now is money. The elderly in the community worry about whether there will be a stimulus package for seniors among all the promised cash from the government. The rest of us can ensure that we are looking after our seniors as much as possible. AS they age and become more dependable on us, relying on us for help and health, we need to ensure that we are there for them. How can we do that? Well, here are some excellent places to start!

Get Their Groceries

Right now, we cannot visit grandparents or seniors. However, we can do their shopping for essentials for them, and we can help them with picking up their meds. When we do this, we are going to ensure that they remain as healthy as possible. If you live nearby to the elderly in the community, offer your services like a grocery delivery person or someone to mow their lawn (at an acceptable social distance!).

Call up & Check In

Where you can, you need to check in on your elderly relatives. A phone call can change their mood and make them feel more positive, happier, and healthier all around. If you can do more for their mental health, then you should, and a simple phone call could change the game.

Help Them With Their Finances

With permission, help your parents and other seniors with their finances. The stimulus package for COVID-19 is going to help them to stay afloat, but you can help them to manage their money in the meantime. While you can’t sit with them, you can video chat and talk over the phone to help them to pay their bills. You need to do what you can to ensure that your relatives are safe and healthy, and that means helping where you can.

Offer an Ear

Getting older is hard. Memory loss is scary, slowing movements are also frightening as their minds may be sharp, but their bodies aren’t listening to what they want to do. With your help, you can take some of the mental load off of them and make them feel like they have someone listening to them.

Lockdown and isolation are tough enough when you’re young, never mind when you’re senior and alone. Take the time to help, and you’ll see a difference!

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