• May 14, 2021

4 Things Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know

Before you decide to invest in property, there are some important things you need to know. Keep reading to discover what they are.

You Can Invest With Less Capital Than You Think

Many people think that they need to have access to the entire value of the property they wish to buy before they can begin to invest in real estate. However, this is certainly not the case. In fact, by becoming a part of a real estate investment fund you can begin with as little as $1000 and sometimes even less.

Of course, before you give up your hard-earned cash you will want to do some research on the different real estate investment funds out there. The good news is that you can find useful information like these DiversyFund reviews online. There you can read detailed breakdowns of the services and benefits such funds offer.

Location Is Key

OK, so you may have heard that location is important, but do you really know why? Well, basically it is because once you have made an investment in a property location is the one thing that you cannot change. Indeed, unless you are willing to go around the neighborhood picking up litter, and watching out for crime the status of the location you buy into is fixed, at least in the short to medium term.

What this means is faced with a decision between a great property in a bad area and a run-down property in a great area, you should always choose the latter. The reason being that you can renovate, repair, and decorate a run-down property to increase its value, but there is very little value to be added in a property that is sited in a less desirable location.

Tenants Are Vital to Your Success (or Failure)

The people that you lease really have the power to make or break your investment. For example, if you are leasing your property and your tenants do not take proper care of it you can end up with all sorts of repair costs you hadn’t bargained for. Ones that will come directly out of your profits.

It’s also worth noting that evicting tenants is not a fast or easy process, which can be particularly frustrating when they are refusing to pay and you are hemorrhaging money from your investment. To that end, asking for references or running a background check on your tenants is a smart idea indeed.

The Buyers You Choose Matter Too

Buyers are indeed a little different than tenants because once you have exchanged, they are no longer usually a problem. However, with the amount of pulling out, and false commitments that many buyers make you can easily end up missing out on a profitable sale because you have agreed to take your property off the market for someone that only ends up wasting your time.

With that in mind, making sure you check they have the deposit and mortgage needed to be secured before proceeding is vital. Be sure to get evidence of this too and not just their word!

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