• August 3, 2018

Why Your Local Business Needs Online Marketing Now!

Hey folks, here is a nice guest post from Adam Lesley, an online marketer who shares his knowledge and experience with his readers publishing guest posts on various blogs. Let’s enjoy his wisdom 🙂

If your business needs a bit of a helping hand with sales and branding, you may want to take a closer look at your marketing campaigns. You see, my own company recently had a large overhaul as far as advertising and promotions are concerned and we haven’t look back since. Online marketing is the way forward and this short article will cover some of the best tips that will help you and your business to smash those goals out of the park. We’ll talk about online marketing in terms that everyone can understand and hopefully you will soon be able to try them for yourself.

SEO Matters

Search engine optimisation is a term that may leave you cold but, believe me, it is key to achieving those high sales figures that we all strive to reach. If you are competing , like me, against many other Winnipeg window companies, you will need to be sure that your business website is the one that pops up first in Google. The way to do this is to pick the perfect keywords and use only relevant copy on your website or blog. But don’t stress if this seems a tall order, there are hundreds of gifted content writers in your area that will be able to produce excellent copy that will help your business to stand out.

Engaging Content

So, we are back to content again, it really can’t be overstated. Have you ever visited a website only to be bored to tears a few minutes later? Your visitors need to be glued to the screen when they arrive on your landing page. The only way to do this is by presenting them with gorgeous content that literally makes them feel both happy and informed. By combining written and visual content, you can strike a balance that equates to excellent user experience. This in turn will lead to conversions and that means a big fat profit for you and your local business.

Business Profile

For those first time visitors who know nothing about your company, it is vital to create a business profile that not only enhances your brand but also answers any questions that they may have. For my own windows in Ottawa website, I made sure that those first timers would come back for a second and hopefully third visit. This was achieved by presenting them with a professional profile picture along with a clear and concise outline of how my business works. By showing them that you are a real business with a defined plan, your visitors will start to trust you and will feel that your brand is going to be there tomorrow and for the foreseeable future.

Online PR

Online PR is where you get to shine and show your potential customers what you are made of. By boosting your business entity, it is possible to add even more value to your online presence.

These 4 tips were all I needed to transform my own business into the successful brand it is today. I hope you can take something positive away from these examples and wish you the very best of luck for the future.

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