• August 18, 2021

Improve Visitor Safety on Business Premises

It’s important to make sure you keep the safety of visitors and attendees to your business buildings safe. There are many different levels of compliance you must keep up with here, depending on the size and utility of your building.

For instance, if running a large building or convention hall, large atrium smoke curtains are a stellar means of reducing the make-up air requirements that channel the smoke from fire. This means your extraction system size can be smaller while having the same essential effect. As you can see, sometimes elements of promising design can work with improving safety, too, in this case, fire safety, one of the most essential underpinnings of security to get right.

Yet depending on how your visitors attend your firm, it’s important to make sure you care for every eventuality. If bringing them on a tour around your production facility, for instance, proper chaperone and security measures are essential. Sometimes, protecting visitors also means protecting your building and its staff.

With this post, we’ll help you achieve on all three of those counts.

Clear Pass Access & Recording Attendees

It’s important to track every person within your building. That doesn’t mean you have to have a super-surveillance sweet watching every single step of the person who attends your business or visits your firm, but making sure they wear a clear pass showcasing their valid access, keeping them on record so you can track if they have evacuated during a fire, and making sure they are only permitted in public areas or areas you have deemed acceptable will enhance security, for you and them.

Training Staff & Security

You may have necessary systems in place like gate access and clear passes as explained above, but it’s also healthy to train your staff and security for what to expect when people are attending your firm. This might involve learning to chaperone certain visitors, where the evacuation locations are, and what to do in the event of someone causing trouble (and how to properly report it). Improving visitor safety on a business premises means making sure every person is capable around them, too, even if that just means knowing how to more readily transport a wheelchair-bound attendee down the stairs in the event of a fire, using the proper equipment, and preserving their dignity while doing so.

Correct & Clear Signposting

Signposting can be a great way to make sure visitors feel comfortable walking around your premises. This can help them avoid a personal tour guide at all times while giving them autonomy access to the meeting rooms, waiting areas, restrooms, and more. Correct and clear signposting, in this light, can help you allow people to find their way. This might involve actual signage, or perhaps colored lines on walls to help orient visitors in your space. Essential means of chaperoning people, such as through queue bollards, can also help.

With this advice, we hope you can continue to improve visitor safety even on business premises.

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