• May 30, 2021

Hiring a Chief Marketing Officer for Your Business

Marketing is a whole new world to what it was even a decade or so ago. When the channels of communication change the entire focus of your business needs to change in order to keep abreast of things. Put simply, you need to be casting your net where your potential customers are.

It is no longer enough to post an ad in your local newspaper or to run a campaign from a poster on the side of a bus. Social media, pay-per-click and pop-up notifications have become the go-to media for those who want to be seen, and even they are no longer the last word.

So it follows that when you hire somebody to take care of your marketing, devising strategies and deploying them with precision to maximum advantage, you’re going to be looking for someone who not only is dynamic and proactive, but who also possesses the most up-to-date knowledge of the way the market works and the skill sets to put that knowledge to the very best use possible on your behalf.

More Than Just Marketing Strategy

Of course in hiring a good Chief Marketing Officer, to lead the team that you have entrusted to promote your brand, you are getting more than simply a successful marketing strategy. As the head of department your appointment would also be expected to assume responsibility for pricing, branding, product development, customer services and sales management. These are all interdependent facets of the marketing operation and as such it just makes perfect sense that they should also be integrated in such a way as to maximize your sales potential. The noted management guru Peter Drucker has argued that enterprise has only two essential functions – innovation and marketing. One hatches the idea, the other one sells it. It really is that straightforward.

So when you are looking to take on such a crucial member of your future operation, the CMO resume that you will want to see really needs to reflect a holistic and all-embracing approach to maximizing the potential of your brand, and of configuring the department which they will be expected to lead in such a way as to make that all possible. Or as Deloitte puts it, everything comes together with the ultimate objective in mind of achieving profitable growth.

Work History Is Only One Factor

Hiring the right person for the job then is clearly not a task to be taken lightly. This is not just about taking on somebody who is going to place adverts with the right outlets or compose a few catchy jingles. Indeed it is no exaggeration to say that every aspect of the operation beyond the innovation stage has to be tailored towards achieving the ultimate marketing strategy, whether it be product design, packaging and the actual live process of selling. Employees and departments need to be on-message to the last degree so that the process can be smooth and synchronized from beginning to end.

Boasting an acquired level of work experience in the field is of course a start, but the successful applicant should also be able to demonstrate, with examples, how he or she has managed to successfully perform the kind of duties for other employers that you are going to require being undertaken for your business. What is more, an in-depth understanding of the processes involved and how they interact to deliver a successful outcome is a must.

Good Chief Marketing Officers do not come cheaply, and there is a reason for that. When properly utilized, they add strength in depth to your organization and provide value by generating maximum exposure for your product or service. It is well worth taking to some time out to get the appointment right, and to recruit wisely.