• April 3, 2020

Four of the Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes That You’re Likely Making

Running a business has never been easier. Thanks to all of the tools we can utilize and the specialists that are available for hire, starting up any kind of business doesn’t take as much work and time as it used to. Unfortunately, as a result of this ease of access, many people are starting up businesses and failing to make them successful.

There are countless things that could be attributed to a business’s failures, but one of the biggest concerns comes in the form of marketing.

Whether it’s failing to market your business correctly or creating a poor first impression, there are a number of potential mistakes that you could be making when it comes to growing your brand. So to help you out, we’ve put together four of the most common digital marketing mistakes that you’re probably making right now.

You Haven’t Put Much Work Into Your Website

Whether it’s poor website navigation, a lack of social media widgets or even an awful web host that keeps taking down your website, it’s important to make ample use of your website as a marketing tool. This all starts from beefing up your website with content to use for marketing, ways to engage your audience and also easy navigation so that all of your visitors can find what they’re looking for.

 You Don’t Have Goals With Your Social Media Interactions

Your business needs to have goals when it comes to social media. They have to be clearly-definable goals, such as increasing the number of followers, getting a certain number of leads or encouraging comments and engagement on your channels. Without goals for your social media marketing, you’ll just be making endless posts with no targets in mind.

 You’re Focusing Too Much on Organic Growth

One of the traps that many new businesses fall into is focusing too much on organic growth. Yes, growing your business with real interactions on social media is a great way to sustain your business’s growth. However, there will come a point where every business needs to search for leads using strategies such as PPC advertising. Services like Cardinal PPC management are a great way to get started with real advertising strategies and shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to establishing stable growth for your business.

You’re Approaching SEO Without the Right Knowledge

Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful tools that we have at our disposal as a modern-day business. Being able to climb to the top of a Google search result is incredibly important for visibility, but it’s something that takes a surprising amount of hard work and dedication. SEO isn’t something that you should dive into without the right knowledge. It takes a lot of work to understand and utilize SEO concepts, so it’s often better just to hire a specialist such as a marketing company to help you. Once you understand how to make use of SEO, you then start to optimize your website without the help of a specialist.

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