• February 22, 2020

Adding Your Own Personal Mark to Generic Products

There are many situations where your business might consider using generic products. For instance, your company might be handing out promotional products at a trade show, or perhaps you’re an eCommerce company that buys and sells rather generic items. This could be anything from shelves to chairs and even pre-built computers.

Whatever it is that your business is offering, there are a couple of ways to add your own personal touch to show that it came from your company.

Paint a Logo on Your Items

By using custom stencils and paint, you can print logos on all types of products of yours. This is generally better for a larger product such as a shirt since you can use larger stencils. However, you’re often limited to what you have on a stencil. It’s worth speaking to a company that specializes in creating custom stencils for your needs. It’s important to pick a good location for your logo so that it’s easily visible.

Order Personalized Items

Personalized items are a great way to add a bit of customization to all of your promotional items. You can generally speak to a service that specializes in custom items and have them produce a large number of items such as battery banks, shirts, pens, bags and so on. These can easily be handed out at events or bundled with customer orders. They can also be special promotional items that you give out whenever your customers spend a certain amount of money in your store. Personalized items are very easy to obtain and they can be bought in bulk for a very low price, making them a great investment to your branding.

Use Custom Colours

A simple way to make generic products stand out is to colour them differently. This generally isn’t very hard to do and could even be something you request from the supplier themselves. A great way to utilize this is to colour your items to match your branding. This can be a simple way to make your products stand out, and it’s even more effective when combined with other strategies on this article. Just remember to keep an eye on the cost of recolouring your items to ensure it’s a cost-effective way to set your products apart.

Bundle It With Accessories

A lot of generic products can often come with additional accessories. For instance, a power bank could include different cables to help connect to your devices. By bundling your generic products with accessories, you can stand out from the crowd and also offer better value to your customers. It’s a good idea to pick accessories that actually go with your product so they make more sense, and it’s also possible to increase the cost of your products by offering a complete bundle.

Adding your personal mark to generic products isn’t hard, but it does take quite a bit of investment both in terms of effort and money. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, then it can be a fantastic way to stand out from the rest of the competition.

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