• March 25, 2022

Why Website Content Is Boring These Days and What to Do About It

As any web design agency, marketing company or SEO expert will know, content is king when it comes to creating a website. People often overlook the importance of what they put on their sites because they only care about search engine optimization. Speak to any webmaster or business owner and they’ll tell you that unless it’s stuffed with keywords and heavily optimized with some kind of SEO tool, they don’t want to have it on their website. If you work with content writers that are used to this process, it can be strange to read their hyper-optimized content and you might even suspect that it was written by a robot.

In reality, there’s a high chance that it actually was written by a bot of some kind.

You see, there are actually bots available that can help you write content. Many business owners and website owners rely on these tools because they don’t want to pay content writers to work with them. In some cases, their relationship with their content writer is on a per-job basis, meaning they don’t have a chance to learn more about each other. This results in boring content but is only one of the reasons why website content is stale these days.

Search engine optimization services can help, but their content needs to be top-notch

Search engine optimization services such as are great for helping you get started with your website marketing. However, unless you want your content to be lackluster, you’ll have to work closely with them to help them learn a bit more about the content you expect and how it relates to your business.

This can be difficult to decide on your own, so it’s worth working with an experienced search optimization company that specializes in creating tailored content that can help you not only improve your SEO but also encourage brand growth.

Make your content readable by humans too

One of the mistakes that business and website owners make is relying too much on SEO-focused tools. This can ruin any sense of personality in their writing which can make their content feel robotic. When you’re writing content or requesting content from a service, make sure that it’s readable by humans first and actually enjoyable to consume.

If it’s not enjoyable to read then there’s a problem. Focus on using light and simple language and ensure that it flows correctly. It needs to be informative, but it also has to be amusing and entertaining.

Creating content that speaks to your audience

People tend to say that content needs to be short and scannable because readers don’t have a big attention span. This is true for the most part but doesn’t mean that you should always create content like this. The foundations of a great website include offering a lot of evergreen content that is not only long-form but is informative and interesting to your viewers.

If you can captivate your audience with well-formatted content and fascinating topics, then they’ll stick around and read every word on the page.

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