• October 9, 2019

Top Tips to Keep Your Business Organized

Within your business, there’s likely to be a lot going on, on a daily basis. And that means as a company, you want to be organized and to have everything in place that will make your life easier and so you can focus on the more important aspects. Here are some top tips for keeping your business organized.

Manage the Space and Storage

Space and storage within an office can sometimes be limited, and it can be surprising just how much can get taken up in a short space of time. If you’re just starting out, then you may have some wiggle room when it comes to desk space but if you’ve already established your company and have all of your desks filled, then it might be a good idea to look at how you could rejig the office to cater for more or to at least make it more of a comfortable environment to work in. Failing that, you may want to start looking for alternative spaces that can cater to the size of your workforce. Working in a cramped space is not going to be ideal for your staff, and this can make their productivity levels suffer as a result. When it comes to storage, organizing your belongings is critical, and if you allow paperwork, filing and endless boxes, to build up, your staff are going to be falling over one another just to get to the kitchen. Encourage your staff to take an active effort in looking after their own area and utilizing the space they have. If things don’t have a home and are sitting around on the floor, invest in more storage.

Get a Password Software System

Password software systems are something that is hugely beneficial when you have a company that use a lot of services, software and platforms to do the daily business. Remembering passwords can be a nightmare, and so you want to make it easier on yourself and to your employees, to get software that will remember it for you. This is a more secure way than your staff writing it down on a piece of paper or even worse, storing it in a file on their computer. That’s going to certainly risk your business if someone were to hack into those files and gain access. Password software is just another level of security, that will tighten the processes of using confidential information, and it can be a great ease off your mind, knowing people’s passwords are protected.

Outsource the Tasks That Are Being Missed

When you have bigger tasks that need doing or things on your to-do list that remain on it for months on end, it might be a good suggestion to try outsourcing. Outsourcing is where you look to an external company or body to handle tasks that you might only need doing for a limited time. It’s things like oracle forms migration, handling IT support or social media. It might only require a service for a short period, and therefore you don’t need to go to the extent of hiring extra staff. That may just be a waste of money with your company. Look at what might be worth outsourcing and give it a try because every company can benefit from it at some point.

Look for reputable companies that have a good track record and be sure to set up a meeting with them instead of just handing over the work with no explanation.

Improve Customer Support

Customers are important, and it’s good to be organized for their sake when it comes to business. Ensure that your process of how to respond to customers within a suitable time frame is solidified. You want to think about maybe using a system that helps collate customer service tickets so that your customer support can go about effectively responding to customers in a timely manner. As your customers may be at the heart of your business, you want to do everything you can in order to satisfy their needs and to keep them happy. If not, then you risk losing them to the competition and taking a knock to your business financially.

Streamline Your Departments

Each department in your business is a single entity that is working towards bettering the organization. So with that in mind, you want to streamline as many aspects of the departments as possible. From keeping to one software when doing the accounts to using a task management software to reduce the number of meetings that take place between staff members to which some of them may be wasting valuable time. Streamlining is an effective process that will certainly help to make running the company easier. It makes it more manageable, and there’s less confusion, and it should also improve communications between departments.

Keep Track of Finances

Finances are one area of the business that has to be organized, and you want your system to be pretty flawless. That means sitting down with your accounts team and working out how best it is to maintain the current work processes, and if they’re not working, what needs changing. With payroll, invoices to draft and code, payment runs to make and expenses to file, there can be a lot of individual elements of finance that need doing. If your accounts team is limited, then it can mean that there’s the risk of mistakes happening or things getting missed. Like streamlining, try to keep everything under the one umbrella and ensure that you have regular meetings regarding finance. This can help you cut down on expenses and spending that aren’t needed and to hopefully save your company more money in the long run.

Being an organized company can make it a highly effective one. So keep tabs on what your departments are up to and continue improving customer support. Keep the actual office space neat and tidy and think about how you can make the space more comfortable for your staff. And don’t forget to outsource if it’s warranted.

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