• February 21, 2020

Tips to Keep Your Staff Happy at All Times

Happy staff makes for a happy workplace in general, but it’s not always easy to keep them happy. Everyone has their bad days, and when they come to work, that can only be made worse if the environment isn’t a positive one. Here are some tips to keep your staff happy at all times.

Listen to Their Concerns

Listening to your staff and any concerns they have can be a good way to help understand what issues or problems they may have in the workplace. It’s important to set up these meetings so that you can talk to your staff on a regular basis. These 1-2-1 meetings can be very helpful for them to be more comfortable in the workplace when it comes to sharing their thoughts. Listen to your staff’s concerns and try to do what you can to help make the situation better. It’s not always something that can be helped, but it’s important to try to some degree. Ignoring them is only going to make them feel worse, and they might not feel like you’re valuing their input or time. At the end of the day, there are plenty more jobs out there that they’ll want to go and find if they’re not being taken seriously. Always show concern for anything that they raise and work on finding a solution that helps all parties involved.

They might also make suggestions on how to make the workspace more efficient and whether it’s getting better IT support from or improving the workspace to make it more appealing, try and make improvements where possible.

Offer More Flexibility

Flexibility can be really important to most people because life can get in the way of things, and often, the unexpected can happen. Those with children might need to work from home because they have sick children or they’ve got to stay at home due to a home emergency problem. Having the appreciation for life happening and therefore being flexible to that can be really important. Try to cater to the needs of your staff where you can because in return, you’ll end up getting more respect and appreciation from your staff. In turn, they’ll likely work harder for you, if you’re willing to let them take the time they need when they’re needed elsewhere. We all have lives that exist outside of the workplace, and it’s important to remember that.

Provide a Positive Working Environment

A positive working environment is the solution to a happy one and when you’ve got a good atmosphere, that’s all that matters. Work on creating that within the business premises from improving the decor to making sure all staff are getting on with each other. Tension within the workplace is not good to be around when it’s negative, and it’s important that you remove this negativity before it gets any worse and starts affecting others. Try to find the source of any negativity in general within the workplace so that you can work at fixing it.

Have Managers Who Can Manage Effectively

The managers within your workplace matter because they have a responsibility towards the staff they manage. And if they’re not happy, the first place to look at is the management. Having managers who can manage effectively and delegate well is important. The risk for some managers is that they’ll take on all the work and not give it to others. It’s important that this is something that doesn’t happen, otherwise some staff will be doing very little, and others will be frustrated at the lack of work. Make sure your managers can manage, and if not, they need more training.

Reward Them Where You Can

Finally, try to reward your staff where possible. It doesn’t need to be just financial because a simple praise can go a long way. Try to keep your staff happy with rewards for their hard work. These small or big gestures can go down really well with your employees and could be the difference between them staying longer in the company. Having good staff retention is always a good sign for the business because you’re likely to be doing it all well.

These tips should certainly help to keep your staff happy at all times. Focus on their happiness and creating a workplace that’s positive and exciting to be around. Look at the weaknesses within your company and work on them to make it better for the sake of your staff as they work hard for the business.

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