• January 4, 2022

4 Tips to Build Your Solid SEO Strategy for 2022

An SEO strategy or approach refers to how you plan and implement steps to improve your organic search engine rankings. According to Marketing Land, the first five organic search results enjoy about 67.6% of all clicks. A robust SEO strategy is essential to rank higher in search engine results pages and enjoy more leads and conversions. Below are four helpful tips for building a solid SEO strategy for 2022.

Know Your Keywords

Keyword research is the most basic aspect of any SEO strategy. Indeed, there is little you can do if you don’t know which keywords your target audience is using to solve problems your business solves. Consequently, conduct thorough keyword research using tools like Google Search Console, Google Trends, SEMRush, and Google Keyword Planner. Alternatively, you can hire a trusted expert to oversee your keyword research for the best results. For example, if you run a spa business, you can hire an expert who can find the best SEO keywords for spa to generate more leads and get more clients. These experts can help you find the best long-tail keywords in the spa industry, which can reportedly help you move up about 11 positions on average compared to head keywords.

Improve the User Experience Throughout the Entire Site

While optimizing your business website for SEO, poor-quality sites will not rank higher, so be sure to optimize your site for quality. Google is getting better at evaluating site quality, so poor-quality sites’ rankings will be even lower. Therefore, prioritize improving the user experience throughout the entire site. This experience should include everything, from page load times to mobile-friendliness.

Write Quality Content

Your target market seeks engaging content that can add value to their lives. Therefore, creating valuable content that answers any questions your potential buyers have is an excellent SEO trend to follow. This content must also offer them insights they can use and educate them to improve in one way or another. You must use the appropriate keywords in this great content you are writing to rank higher. However, avoid stuffing your page with repeated keywords in your content, meta tags, descriptions, and so on in a bid to inflate your website’s ranking. Search engines penalize sites that do keyword stuffing, so avoid this to prevent drops in rankings or complete removal from their index. Besides, sites that are overstuffed with keywords won’t impress visitors since nobody wants to read the exact words repeatedly.

Develop a Link-Building Plan

Backlinks are undoubtedly necessary to boost your search engine rankings in 2022, so keep this in mind. A Stone Temple Consulting study reveals that high-ranking sites on Google’s first page have numerous backlinks. Link-building is one of the main tenets of off-page SEO. It involves attracting backlinks to your site from other sources on the web. Generally, websites with more authority that link back to your pages greatly impact your rankings. Consequently, brainstorm ways to attract inbound links, like writing blog posts and sharing them on various social media platforms. Similarly, you can approach other websites for guest blogging opportunities you can leverage to link back to your site.

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