• October 24, 2019

It’s Time to Pay More Attention to Content Creation!

In the age of the internet, customers are bombarded with more content than they could ever possibly take in. Getting information about your business to the masses has never been easier. But getting them to care about it has never been more of a challenge. The last thing you want to do is add to the endless piles of spam customers have to wade through every day.

So the question is: how do you create information that your customers actually want to read? The answer is surprisingly simple. Create compelling and engaging content. Now, ‘simple’ doesn’t necessarily mean easy. So here are a few content delivery methods that will keep you out of the junk folder.

Social Media

The first and most obvious place to start is, of course, social media. If your business doesn’t at least have a presence on Facebook, then you’re already three steps behind. But you can’t just set up a Facebook page, copy and paste of links to your business and call it a day. Customers want to engage with your business, they want to connect. The way you can do that is by creating content that reaches out to them directly. It’s also a good idea to make sure that you’re paying close attention to your social media analytics with services like Don’t stop there, though, communicate with customers. Like and comment on other people’s posts. Make your business visible and show the customers that yours is a page worth following.


Every business should have a blog. It’s a simple as that. Customers today want information, and they want it fast. Not only that but they want it to be easy to access and understand. A blog fills all these criteria and then some. The important thing is not to let your blog become a place where you advertise your business. Ideally, your blog should only mention the company itself from time to time. Otherwise, you should fill it with posts that you know will be relevant and of interest to your customers. If this sounds like more work than you have time for then, don’t worry. There are services available for content creation and managed blog posting that will free you up to focus your energy elsewhere.

Customer Generated Content

I promise this isn’t as lazy as it sounds. Getting customers to provide content for your website is both straightforward and productive. Give your customers an avenue through which they can provide reviews and testimonials. This way you can let your business’s product or service do the talking. Customers trust each other more than they trust each other. If you have faith in what you’re providing then there’s no better way to create buzz around your business. At the same time, customer generated content is a fabulous way of building a sense of community. The best part is, as long as you provide them with a way in which to do it, your customers will be doing the work for you!

Whatever methods of content creation you decide to use, make sure you’re asking yourself three questions. Am I informative? Am I engaging? Am I entertaining? If you can say yes to at least one or two of those, you’re on the right track. If you can say yes to all three, then you’re definitely onto a winner.

A pretty interesting post, huh?

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