• October 29, 2019

Creating Content Ideas to Add That Spark to Your Business

These days it’s harder than ever to leap out at your customer and implore them to buy your product. This is why we’ve all got to find more subtle, slow-burning processes. While content, as a whole, is all about crunching the numbers and getting as many people as possible to click onto your website or buy your product, we’ve got to think about the right content for the right customer.

And for any business that’s looking to make a significant impact, finding the right content can be incredibly daunting. But let’s provide some ideas, not just for the right content, but how to come up with ideas for future content as well.

A Business Video

Videos are one of the best ways to climb up high on the search engine results page. But creating the right video isn’t just about ensuring it is optimized for SEO but it’s about making sure that you have a video that truly brings forth the message. If you don’t have the tools at your disposal, there are always video production services you can utilize. The big mistake a lot of us make now is that we think we can use a camera phone to create great content. You can use a camera phone, but if you’re looking to put forth a specific image, can you do this with a smartphone effectively? You should also think about the right type of content. There are lots of ways to make sure that your content is intrinsically linked to the business. You could create an explainer video for the more factual aspects of your business, such as a Q&A, or you could make podcasts. Podcasts are not just for auditory purposes, but now, people are using YouTube as a way to host their podcasts. If you can only make one type of content, a business video should be it.

Get Feedback from Your Customers

It may not necessarily have to be direct feedback, but when you start to listen to your customers, you could see that they may very well ask salient questions. By interacting with your customers, and seeing what questions they have to ask about your business, you can directly answer these in the form of a video or a blog. As well, customers may even have ideas for articles that they would like to read. Feedback from your customers is the perfect way to improve the relationship between the two of you, but when you start to listen to what they want to consume, you can tailor content, that’s not just for them, but caters to the demographics as well.

Use Key Personnel as a Springboard for Your Content

Go to your employees! Every business has an abundance of interesting people that have stories to tell, and they don’t necessarily have to be about the business. Employees can talk about their backgrounds and personal stories. If you’re trying to create a more authentic and human approach to your business, having your employees put forward this angle helps to improve this sensation. As well, by going back to these people that helped you create interesting stories at the outset can provide a narrative of sorts. This can help you to create consistent content.

Repurposing Existing Content in Other Formats

Creating content is a lot of work. Naturally, trying to create something that’s on the pulse and amazing each and every time is a lot of work if you don’t have the money. By repurposing your content into other formats makes the content go further, but also, if there is something going on, say, in the news, that makes the content relevant again, you can then use this older content, and turn it into something fresher. And when it comes to one piece of content, there may be a handful of ideas that can springboard into other articles, videos, podcasts, and so on.

It’s All About the Stories

Content is not just about the facts that you have to put across, but it’s the stories you need to tell. When it comes to developing your tone of voice, the content, after a while, turns into a narrative of sorts. When you are finding your feet, you may find that there are certain bits of content that, a few years down the line, you will look back and cringe at. But it’s all part of finding your voice. And when it comes to telling the right stories, tone of voice is crucial, but also, you should never think about getting the hits, or selling the product, because the content is all about the story. Naturally, there are things like SEO tools that you can use to tweak your content. But one of the oldest lessons of SEO is that great content will carry. What is behind great content? A great story!

Go for the Graphics!

When it comes to making your content, images are the icing on the cake! And while images and filling a certain amount of space on your site is also crucial for SEO, when you don’t have the opportunity to make something like a video, but you have podcasts or articles to write, imagery can help make the content into something more. Imagery is all about the brand and how you present the product. And now, where everybody has their own in-house design team that makes their product leap out of the screen, when we don’t have much money, this is when it proves frustrating. But you can still use things like photos of the business and the products, as these will create an all-encompassing narrative. With something like a podcast, you can have images on the screen, as this adds that extra dimension to the content. When in doubt, put a couple of images on it!

When it comes to creating the best content-type, you’ve got to think about what links in with your business. It’s all about presenting the brand, the image, and the tone of voice of the company. So what is the best format for you? Is it a podcast that allows people to talk at length? Is it a video that highlights how dynamic you are? Think on.

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