• June 3, 2021

Everything You Need to Know for a Successful Career in Sales

There are several misconceptions about working in sales and unfortunately these myths put many people off choosing a career in this industry.

The typical stereotypes of sales professionals often lead people to believe you must be incredibly extroverted and quick-thinking to succeed. Although it will be helpful to be able to think on your feet, this is an industry that all kinds of people can thrive within.

If you are someone who is more introverted in nature, or if you have a gentle approach to sales, then you can still be incredibly successful.

If you are considering a career in sales, then you will certainly want to understand the reality of this kind of work. Read on to discover everything you need to know to succeed in the sales world.

Get Qualified

Before you can get started with creating a successful sales career for yourself, you will want to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Although this is not completely essential, it will help you to get a head start and more easily enter the profession.

Studying for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is a great step in your journey to becoming a sales professional. A degree of this nature will guide you to truly develop the skills you need to rapidly become a sales manager.

When you progress to working as a sales manager, your daily tasks will be more concerned with making sure goals are met and managing team members. You will use the knowledge gained during your degree to implement exceptional management techniques to succeed at work.

Even if you feel very positively about the actual sales portion of the work, it is natural that you will want to progress to managerial level. Having a strong academic background is going to be very useful to you in this journey.

Personal and Professional Qualities

In addition to your qualifications, your personal and professional qualities will also guide you through your career.

In order to stand out and make sales, you will need to develop the following qualities:

  • Be a good listener
  • Be empathetic and compassionate
  • Understand how to solve problems
  • Become intuitive to other people’s emotions
  • Be calm and rational
  • Have a direct approach to communication
  • Not take rejection personally

Getting a Job

Getting your first job in sales might seem like a challenge at first. Being willing to start at the bottom and work your way up will ensure you are able to get your foot in the door.

It might not always be the case that you have to start at the bottom, especially if you have a business degree from a reputable institution, but it still pays to be ready to put in the hard work.

When you secure your first job, make sure you always have an enthusiastic and positive attitude at work. This will not only help you to make sales but will also demonstrate to your superiors that you are grateful and excited to have this job.

When you consistently have a great attitude, then you will surely be prioritized for promotion when new opportunities for advancement arise.

Understand the Compensation Plan

It may sound like an obvious one but as a salesperson, it is imperative you fully know and understand your compensation package. Whether it is a saas sales compensation package or a car sales package you will have a compensation plan that is specific to you and your performance. To get the most out of your career you need to get to grips with the compensation package. Here are three common types of sales packages that may be applicable to you as a salesperson.

Straight salary sales compensation plans are akin to any other type of employment in that you receive a set salary for the hours worked. This figure is the same regardless of performance and sales targets. This type of compensation isn’t very common in sales but it can potentially be a very attractive salary.

Salary plus commission is the most common compensation plan for sales. It is a combination of a set salary or base salary, which is typically a low figure. This figure is however topped up with the earnings you will make in commission payments. The commission payment will be a percentage of the sale you make and usually makes up the majority of your wage.

Commission only this is as it sounds, your income will be derived solely from the commission you make. For some, this can be a very lucrative sales compensation package as the commission is generous and for highly motivated salespeople it can provide a strong revenue. Although, it is important to remember that there is no guaranteed income on this plan.

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