• January 6, 2021

The Skills an Accountancy Firm Really Needs

The modern day and age offers a lot to young professionals, especially within the digital and financial sectors. Fintech is more present than ever, and in 2021, we’re expecting a huge boom within the sector. And as an entrepreneurial generation, there are thousands moving into the financial sector – most specifically, into accountancy.

It’s a wide market, and every single business out there needs financial services, and most of them aren’t capable of coming up with the goods themselves. This serves for a perfect opportunity for any financially minded people to offer their services, and really make a name for themselves!

However, if your accounting firm doesn’t have a few set skills about it, you’re unlikely to get a call back. Let’s go through these skills below.

The Ability to Solve Financial Problems

Being creative and hypervigilant over a company’s financial problems is the bulk of the work you do as an accountancy firm. However, if you’re not able to pull off these two skills, there’s a good chance you won’t have any customer testimonials to use to your advantage.

You need a team of people who know how finances work, and are able to spot the devil in the details, and think in creative and unusual ways to find a solution to a company’s budgeting problems. Make sure you’re on the lookout for this kind of raw potential when hiring candidates.

Specialisation in an Industry

In the world of accounting, one size doesn’t tend to fit all. Each business in each sector is going to need a personalised financial plan, and without the ability to put one together, your accountancy firm isn’t going to be able to pull the punches you really want it to.

So, you need to specialise. You need to pick a niche, an industry, and then work to getting your skills up to scratch for that one niche industry alone. Indeed, for a good example you can take a look at COPAS, which offers tools to financial businesses within the oil and gas sector. This all goes to show that once you know who you want to work for, you’ll open up a whole new world of both support and market potential for your company.

Making a Strong, Right Decision

And finally, you need to be able to make strong, stable, and firm decisions, all in good time and with good faith. You need to be able to stay in charge of a client’s financial needs, and be the guiding hand they need when balancing the books – this is something a lot of accountancy firms struggle with when they first start out.

Make sure you stand out from the crowd with your ability to be strategic and confident, and be sure to hire candidates that show the same kind of values. Put together a team that has initiative, and can stand on their own two feet in stressful situations.

As an accountancy firm, you have to hold these skills in high regard.

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