• January 14, 2020

5 Secrets of Job Interviews You Need to Know

It can be rough out there on the job market. You might struggle to impress the person you need to win your dream job. You could even be completely nervous about interviews and unsure of how to handle this situation. Well, we’re going to help by revealing some secrets that will help you get the interview and then ace it so you are chosen for the job. Let’s look at some of the secrets you might not be aware of.

Gone in 60 Seconds

You might have heard this before and it’s absolutely true. A person responsible for the hiring process in a company will usually spend less than sixty seconds looking at CVs. This is particularly true for popular positions where thousands of people apply for the same job. There are a few lessons to learn from this. First, your CV needs to be clear and contain all the information that they need to choose you for the interview. Second, it needs to be short and to the point. Any more than two pages and you will be pushing it. The exception will be if your unique selling point is that you have a wealth of experience at different companies. If that’s the case, choose a few select cases to focus on and list the rest.

Available on Request?

Putting ‘available on request’ instead of adding an actual reference could reduce your chances of being chosen for the interview. The reason for this is that it means they’ll have to contact you before they have added you to the list. It’s time-consuming and awkward.

The biggest benefit of not adding actual references and instead encouraging them to contact you is that you’ll get a chance to speak on the phone. Second, you’ll know if they are considering you and third, it means you don’t actually need to get references. It can also save your chosen reference getting multiple calls if you apply for ten different jobs. The best way to handle this is to have one reference on the resume and then allow them to request others.

5 Minutes or Less

This is the general theory that it will take less than five minutes for an employer or hiring team to decide whether they want you for the job. This probably isn’t accurate though. Instead, it’s more likely that it takes five minutes or less for them to decide whether they can rule you out completely.

Now, you are probably wondering how on earth you can show you potential or value in less than five minutes. The reality is that you can’t and it’s not about that. Instead, it’s all about the first impression. It’s about whether they think that you’re going to be the right fit for your team. You can’t always control whether you click with someone on this level. However, you can think about little details. The handshake is important and you should start with a firm grip. Eye contact also shows that you are confident so avoid staring at the floor. Greet them warmly but don’t be overly conversational. Remember, this is a formal meeting.

Think about how you dress too. Like it or not, appearances do matter for a business interview. An employer will always be searching for a person who will improve their business brand rather than diminish it. You should consider getting a haircut and ensuring that your suit is freshly prepared. Get a good night of rest before the interview so that you don’t look worn down or unkempt. If it’s quite a long distance, consider renting a hotel the night before. It’s a lot like the first date. If you don’t make the right first impression, there won’t be a chance for a second.

Background Checks

They are going to complete background checks at some stage during the hiring process. You must be prepared for this and you should think about social media. This is a balancing act because there shouldn’t be anything on your social media that is controversial or embarrassing. However, you also still need a presence online. From your online presence, a business will determine whether you have a network that they could benefit from. If you do have any issues in your past, speak to a criminal defense attorney to see if they can be expunged.

Behavioural Questions

Finally, there are certain questions that will always crop up in an interview. These are behavioural questions based on past work experiences. It’s easy to answer these and you can prepare answers too. For instance, think of a time you were stressed at work, the task you faced, how you solved that task and the results of doing so. You’ll ace an interview if you master the right approach here.

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