• August 1, 2020

Your Salary Expectations May Be More Than What You Make

Making the perfect salary for some people is one of the main goals when entering into the workforce, while other people see it as a by-product of their career choice. Securing the bag, making sure you are willing to give up precious time and energy to getting a promotion or making industry switches, are all ways that you can achieve that higher salary.

Whatever your goals are or how you get there, your salary expectations may be at least 25 percent more than what you currently make, studies show. Comparing the desired salaries with the current market average for specific job titles, seniority and city, this study has shown that.

The study has also shown that the roles that are expecting the highest salary increase were marketing generalists, sales support, customer success manager, head of marketing and data analysts. Meanwhile, those roles that are expecting the lowest salary increase are full stock developers, senior iOS, system engineers, data scientists and performance marketing.

There are also numbers that back up the cities that have higher salary expectations. Those cities include Philadelphia, New York, Los Angles, San Francisco and Boston. On the other hand, the cities with the lowest salary expectations are San Deigo, Houston, Miami, Phoenix and San Jose.

There are many factors that go into determine this. Do not let these numbers discourage. Your salary is the key ingredient to motivating you to engage and lean in your role no matter your industry.

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