• January 2, 2023

New Job? How to Tackle Your First Days With Confidence

If you’ve just got a new job, congratulations! This is your chance to make something new out of your career, whether you’ve been looking for a new job for a while now or this is your first foray into the working world. To ensure you’re starting off on good ground, you need to take some confidence into the workplace with you. 

However, when you’re not sure where you stand, that’s hard to achieve. You can feel all over the place, and a little bit like an imposter before finding your feet. But when you’re prepared to feel like this, you can battle against it and get your confidence sooner rather than later.

Know Your Employment Rights

When signing an employment contract, you enter into an agreement with your employer. And even if it sometimes doesn’t feel like it, this has rules on both sides. While you have to keep up with the job you’re paid to do, the company you’re working for has responsibilities to you. Knowing these inside and out will ensure you feel secure in the workplace. 

Even when you’re working in a non-traditional setup, such as remotely or offseas, you have rights. And if something goes wrong at work, working with a company like Morris Bart Law Firm will offer an opinion about your legal options. You always have someone to turn to in the working world, and having that self-possessed knowledge will go far. 

Talk to Everyone

Talking to as many people as possible on day one means introductions are out of the way. The new hire is in the building, they’re clearly gregarious, and they’ve got the initiative to find out who’s who. That’ll show you’re serious about your job, and have the guts to be the person who can get the job done. 

And not only that; you’ve also got a much better chance to make some friends. Feeling like you’ve got allies in the workplace is always assuring. Take a moment to be friendly right now and your actions will offer you a shortcut to making some key connections where and when you need them. 

Settling in Always Takes Time

You don’t have to walk in on day one and immediately set the room on fire. You’re supposed to take your time, get used to the working setup, meet your coworkers and understand the way they work, and then find where you can fit. You don’t need to rush, and then feel like you’re being obnoxious and/or annoying as you go. 

Give it a couple of weeks first. Get used to the way the workplace operates, and only then think about how you can be yourself within it. Your personality will shine through from day one, but being vigilant about your situation will help you to feel at ease in the long run. 

Confidence is often built, rather than innate. Your first day at work will always be nerve wracking, so don’t let this feeling get to you.

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