• October 29, 2019

Where to Put Your Brand to Make It Recognisable

Branding is one of those part-science part-arts which can be very difficult to master. Some people just seem to have a knack for branding any business well, and doing it so well that the business sees a huge influx of new customers which actually sustain throughout.

If you have these natural gifts, then that is something that you probably don’t need help with. But for the rest of us, branding is a challenge, and it can often be essential to look more closely at the process of doing it in order to make sure that you are going to be able to get it right. You need to understand what goes into it so that you can know what to do about it to make it better, and we are going to look at a part of that whole process in this article. Specifically, we will look at placement, the issue of where you should actually show your brand in order to make it as widely recognisable as possible.


You will certainly want to think about merchandise if you are hoping to make your brand recognisable to as many people as possible. With the right kind of merchandise and spread about in the right way, you can hope for your brand to be much more of a household name, so it is worth doing whatever you can to get this right. There are so many kinds of merchandise that it is hard to know where to begin, but really you can do any of them and you should find that it makes a difference to your branding success on the whole.

For instance, you might want to look into using objects which people use in their everyday lives, so that your brand is going to be something they see frequently. Something like tea-towels or promotional key chains can be a powerful place to put your brand, because they are going to be seen so frequently. Or you might want to think about creating novelty items and giving them out at public events – the items themselves, coupled with the mood of the event, is often enough to generate a lot of excitement which then becomes associated with the brand itself. If you can get merchandise right, you will find that your brand is a much more powerful thing indeed.

Social Media

It’s worth thinking about your presence online too, and in particular the social media channels that your business appears on. These are a wonderfully powerful opportunity for you to promote your brand, so you need to make sure that you are making the most of such chances if you want your business to do well and your brand to be popular. Your social media pages should be littered with branding, to the point where people following you on there find it impossible to overlook your brand. This is how you know that you are really doing this as you should – when people know the look of your brand from the moment that they set eyes on it. Social media is a very powerful means of creating that effect.

The Building

It’s important to remember too that you occupy a building, and that this building is in itself a hugely powerful opportunity for you to make your brand much more visible to many people. This is especially true if you are in a city, of course, but no matter where you are it is going to make a difference. It is as simple as plastering your branding on the side of the building for all to see. Make sure that you make a point of utilizing whatever you have going on in terms of the placement of the building and so on. If there are train tracks on one side, put your branding there – and of course, on the side of the entrance or by a main road if possible. This is all going to be very powerful indeed.

Product Packaging

The packaging that is around your products is going to be hugely important here too, and you should make sure that you are doing whatever you can to keep them as close to your brand vision as possible. With the right packaging, you will be able to create branding that people see not just when they buy your product, but when they walk past it in stores too, and so this stretches further than you might think. It’s absolutely essential to think about this if you want your brand to be effective.

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