• October 29, 2018

Pulled Over? Here Are 5 Things You Need to Know

Seeing the alarm lights on a police vehicle can be alarming for any driver, especially if that police car alarm is for your vehicle. A lot of us drive on autopilot, and once those lights come on, we panic and try to figure out what we did wrong as drivers. When you get pulled over, following these five tips can help you stay calm and collected.

Only Pull over When It Is Safe

If a police vehicle is signalling for you to pull over, your automatic reaction may be to pull over immediately. You are legally obligated to stop your vehicle, but only do this when it is safe. If you are driving in the middle lane of a busy street, take your time and make sure you can stop as safely and as quickly as possible.

Turn Your Vehicle off and Roll down Your Window

According to, turning your engine off and rolling down your window immediately indicates to the officer that you’re not about to drive off in a hurry. If you’re driving late at night, keep your headlights on to make it easier for the officer to see your vehicle.

If You Have Passengers, Make Sure They Keep Quiet

If you’re being stopped on a weekend evening, or a time where parties usually occur like the holidays, there’s a higher chance that any vehicle will be pulled over or stopped for routine checks.  Make sure that all of your passengers have their seatbelts on at all times, even when you pull over. If your passengers don’t have their seatbelts on, or they’re being rowdy while the officer is trying to ask you questions, you could get fined.

Have Your License, Registration, and Insurance on Hand

Did you know that you could be fined for driving without your insurance on hand, even if you are covered? When driving any vehicle, make sure that the registration and the proof of insurance is easily accessible, and have it ready before the officer approaches your vehicle. Driving without insurance is Illegal in Canada, so make sure that you have the minimum coverage required by law. If you currently do not have insurance, compare top automobile insurance rates across hundreds of providers through Kanetix to make sure your prepared if you are pulled over.

Know Your Rights

When you are pulled over, there are certain things you have to do, like producing your licence, registration, and insurance. Your passengers do not have to hand over their own identification, but police can ask them questions. If the police officer that stopped you asks to search your car, you do not have to say yes unless they have probably grounds, which they must state. You can look at the full list of rights and requirements for police stops here.

Nobody likes getting pulled over, but sometimes the situation is outside of your control. Follow the rules of the road, keep calm, and know your rights. Chances are, you’ll be on your way in no time.

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