• July 22, 2019

Does Your Pharmacy Need a Dose of Efficiency?

Running a pharmacy is incredibly rewarding. While you might not be at the forefront of saving lives, the medicines you dispense could be the difference between health and not. Whether your pharmacy is based within a healthcare or retail setting, then, you could say you’re just as responsible for saving lives as many doctors. That’s why efficiency issues can be such a fatal mistake.

When patients’ lives and happiness are at risk, you can’t afford to miss scripts or get things wrong. Yet, without proper management, that’s precisely what could happen. Far from just leaving you with a bad review, mistakes like these could cause real damage and even lead to significant lawsuits.

The good news is that tackling this issue isn’t difficult, but it is something you need to take care of in the following ways.

Invest in the Latest Tech to Speed Things Up

Technology matters to any business, and it matters to your pharmacy, too. You need the latest tech so you’re able to communicate with every healthcare provider in your remit. Having to send emails is sure to take time, not to mention that it could leave patient data at risk of a breach. By comparison, the latest healthcare systems could see you connected to every facility in your area, allowing you to access information at the click of a button without risk.

You should look out for equipment which can speed up your general operations. A machine which takes care of automatic vial filling could see you dispensing double the prescriptions, while further machinery could even see you offering additional services. All of which is sure to increase productivity, and thus customer satisfaction.

Delegate to Get Everything Done

Pharmacy work typically involves many different processes, from till operations to dispensing of medications and more. If you fail to delegate these tasks, there’s no chance you can achieve efficiency. On days with a lot of customers, tasks like dispensing could soon fall by the wayside. And, that would cause delays and complaints down the line. Make sure it doesn’t happen by being clear about who should do what. By selecting certain people to man tills while others get on with background tasks, you can rest easy that everything’s done. You can also alternate these delegations to keep job satisfaction high at all times.

Develop Strong Relationships with Doctors and Suppliers

Lastly, make sure you have strong relationships with doctors and suppliers. In many ways, you’re a go-between for both, and your operations very much rely on your ability to build these relationships. If you annoy your supplier or a local doctor, there’s no chance you can remain efficient in the rest of your operations. Whatever you do, then, take the time to talk and develop relationships with these people you rely on for business.

Only once you’ve taken care of the above can you rest easy that your pharmacy is doing the best by its patients. So, don’t hesitate to dose your pharmacy with efficiency today.

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