• August 30, 2020

Your Office Chair Matters Way More Than You Think

If you’re now working from home or, dare we say it, operating a business from your bedroom, then you have a lot on your mind. How are you going to make a profit? Who should you employ next? What should you outsource?

Throughout it all, though, you’re relying on a very important object: your office chair.

The office chair is actually much more important these days than it ever was in the past. When you look back at pictures of clerical offices from the 1950s, people were sitting on little more than stools. But when the office became somewhere workers spent all hours of the day, their comfort and general health became a concern. Managers wanted them to be productive, and they knew that the only way to do it was to avoid injuring them.

As the following infographic shows, the modern office chair is a masterpiece. Humans aren’t supposed to be in the sitting position all day long. But our working lives conspire against us. These seats, however, counteract many of the negatives and help to reduce the likelihood of back pain.

Remember, if you have an office chair, you’re likely sitting in it for at least six hours per day. If you’re running a startup, it can be more like twelve. That’s a long time to be in the same position.

As you’ll learn below, ergonomic chairs can counteract all kinds of ills, such as back pain and make sure that people maintain the correct posture. It’s much better than a stool.

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