• September 1, 2021

Using Nature for a Natural Productivity Boost

Nature has been shown to improve our mood and increase our productivity. When you run a small business or freelance, it is essential to keep your motivation and productivity as high as possible.

While nootropics, fitness, coffee, and meditation all have their place in keeping the work of high-quality and high production, nature has a big part to play too.

Time Away

Taking a break from the 9-5 or the long hustle and grind hours is essential, but it isn’t always possible to take a break and leave the laptop at home. Instead, booking a cabin in the woods or near the beach can be the next best thing. You’ll need to check there is WiFi before you arrive; if you have WiFi – you can work.

Placing yourself in the woods or surrounded by nature means that when you close the laptop after finishing work for the day, you can soak up some much-needed peace and quiet. It’s recommended that you take regular walks to keep your mind fresh anyway, but this brings a new dimension to that ability.

Some of the most highly recognized writers and creators have taken the next step and purchased homes and cabins in wooded areas. If this sounds like your dream, remember you’ll need to learn all the ins and outs of wooded area and property management from timber 1031 exchange to correct heating and fire management.

Office Accessories

The color green has a positive impact on our mental space and gives us a notable boost too. But not everyone wants to look after live plants.

Instead of buying plants that might end up looking a little worse for wear. Opt for faux plants or artwork that depicts nature or has a lot of green in it. You will still have all of the benefits without the care commitment.

Studies have shown that even looking at nature images increases productivity and cognitive function too. And, if you find that you are often stressed by work, you’ll be happy to know that nature also reduces blood pressure and lowers the stress hormone cortisol.


Using deep wave binaural music can help you to tune into a distraction-free deep work mode. Opting for binaural music with layers of natural sounds like the ocean or woods can significantly impact how long you can focus.

Binaural beats emit two sounds of different frequencies, and this causes the brain to create its own frequency for the variance. This type of music reduces stress, improves your ability to focus for longer, and increases productivity.


If you don’t have time to book time away in the woods and listening to music isn’t ideal for your work, then spend some time watching natural videos.

Create a time slot each day to watch a video of sea animals swimming with relaxing music or to watch the rain or woodland videos. YouTube has a massive selection of these videos designed for long study periods and to increase concentration.

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