• October 1, 2020

Injuries Caused Due to Products That Are Faulty

Have you been injured as the result of a faulty product? All items that are sold go through stringent testing to make sure they are safe for public use. However, there are rare instances when certain products slip through the wire. If you have been injured as a result, you will likely be entitled to compensation.

Keeping that in mind, read on to discover some of the most frequently asked questions regarding using the services of accident lawyers in for product liability cases.

How Do I Know if I Am Eligible for Compensation?

The most important thing is being able to prove that the manufacturer, supplier, distributor and other involved parties are at fault for your suffering. You need to show that the item was damaged or faulty and that this resulted in the injuries you have experienced. You certainly cannot be at fault for the incident. For instance, if you have misused the item and therefore injured yourself, you won’t be entitled to any compensation.

How Long Do I Have to Make a Claim?

You have three years from the date of the accident. This is the time limit for all personal injury cases and court proceedings must be issued within this period.

Can I Make a Claim if I Haven’t Seen a Doctor?

You will find it extremely difficult to do so. This is because the doctor will provide proof of your injuries in the form of a medical report. This is a vital piece of evidence, as it is used to determine how much compensation you are entitled to. Therefore, no matter how minor your injuries may seem, it is crucial to see a medical professional.

Will I have to go to court? It is highly unlikely, although there are rare instances that end up in the courtroom. However, this only happens in around two per cent of personal injury cases. It is in the interest of both parties to ensure everything is wrapped up as quickly and easily as possible.

When it comes to making a claim, there is no denying that most of the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the competent and experienced personal injury attorneys you have hired. However, there are certain things you lawyer will need from you. These are as follows…


The first step is always to provide the lawyers with information about how you were injured. What happened? What was the fault with the product? Provide all of this information.

Contact Details

If you have the contact information for the company you purchased the item from and the manufacturer, this should be handed over to your attorney at the earliest opportunity.


A lot of people experience monetary losses because of an accident. The most obvious example is medical expenses. However, you may have missed time off work, for instance, and then suffered income losses. Keep proof of this and make sure you hand the receipts over to your lawyer.

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