• August 31, 2017

How to Manage Your Employees Against Time Wasting Activities

When speaking to several managers of various companies, I am often struck by the number of times the same time-wasting culprit tasks are mentioned.

Forget those instigated by the employees themselves, for example, water cooler moments and social media checks –  we’re talking here of the tasks that most managers of employees will ask to be completed.

I wonder if you can spot some familiar time-wasting tasks here?

Task #1: Meetings with a Lack of Gender and Direction

One of the biggest time wasters is that of an unnecessary meeting which, not only gets sidetracked, but runs longer than stated and ends up proving unproductive. This wastes everyone’s time and can take out a significant chunk of the working day.

Solution: Only call a meeting when it is essential to do so and apply a strict agenda to it that must be followed, inviting only those staff members that need to be present.

Task #2: Requesting Reports for the Sake of It

Though reports do have a valuable role to play, those that are just being put together for the sake of it offer no value to anybody and take up yet again a considerable proportion of an employee’s time, which could be better spent elsewhere.

Solution: Stop and consider the real value of a report before you request one.

Task #3: Rigidly Sticking to Processes of Days Gone By

Businesses change dramatically over the years and so too, therefore, do their in-house processes. Too many managers will request roles to continue being performed in the same ways they were, for example, say 10 to 15 years ago, because they believe them to work.

However, with so many time-saving applications and crucial technology available, such methods will no longer be cost-effective today.

Solution: Put your methods under investigation and produce in their place, where possible, a time-saving method instead.

A pretty interesting post, huh?

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