• June 8, 2018

Legal Tax Minimization Methods in Malaysia

Paying fewer taxes for a small, medium or large company in Malaysia is a challenging task for many foreign entrepreneurs. Luckily, there are varied methods for tax minimization that can be used in companies, in agreement with the tax code of the country. We mention that Malaysia has a progressive tax scheme for which the taxes involved are growing in accordance with the registered revenues.

The tax strategies used by companies in Malaysia often prove to be successful, but adopting the necessary tax minimization methods may help business persons reinvest their money, whether in the company or for other business projects.

How to Reduce the Taxes for Companies in Malaysia

Foreign investors in Malaysia who are interested in reducing the taxes imposed on their companies should know that a proper tax plan can support them to pay fewer taxes. The tax advice offered by a team of local accountants is usually the proper option for companies in Malaysia. The corporate tax, the income tax, the VAT and the withholding tax are verified and evaluated in the best interest of the firm.

Charities in Malaysia

A preferred tax minimization method is the one related to the foundations which, according to the Income Tax Act in Malaysia, involves the donations that are deducted from the registered gross income.

Reduced Taxes Through Educational Plans in Malaysia

The tax legislation in Malaysia is permissive and natural persons can adopt several tax minimization methods that prove to be successful. For example, a very used procedure is linked to the educational funds of children which are subject to deductions.

Travel Costs as Part of Tax Minimization Methods in Malaysia

Business persons who travel outside Malaysia can deduct the related costs, especially if these are work-related operations with business persons worldwide. Your accountant can offer more information about this tax minimization method.

Retirement Plans as Tax Minimization Methods in Malaysia

Another suitable tax minimization method suggested for both local and foreign entrepreneurs is the retirement plan. A smart and beneficial retirement plan is usually a preferred tool for those who want to adopt a proper tax minimization scheme. Reducing the tax burden is normally in the attention of all foreign investors and owners of Malaysian companies make no exception.

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