• August 22, 2019

Playing the Game of Business: The 4 Keys to Making Better Company Decisions

As you improve your business, you need to think about improving yourself. Entrepreneurs need to have that learning mindset. But there comes a point when doubt starts to enter any entrepreneurs’ mind. Have I made the right decision? Am I doing this right?

And once this little doubt begins to creep in, it can threaten to overwhelm us in every manner. Making great business decisions is not just about confidence, but it is also about preparation…

The Right Process Needs to Be in Place

The art of making decisions is about having all the pieces of the puzzle stick together. We can struggle to see that bigger picture if there are pieces dotted around the place. But this is where we can work to either improve the processes or streamline them. There are plenty of opportunities to do this. Either through approaches like Enterprise Resource Planning, or undertaking an evaluation of the essential internal processes. If the right process is in place, this arms you with the facts, and once you have the necessary information, you are able to get a better picture of what’s going on, but also eliminate any sense of doubt that you have.

Learning from Your Mistakes

Making mistakes is part of any business journey. If you make a poor decision, you will likely learn from it. It’s the best way to learn any lesson in life by making a major mistake. But it’s not enough to learn from it, but it’s also ensuring what parts of the decision were valid, and what parts work. It’s not about beating yourself up, because it’s not a productive mindset. It’s far better to get appropriate knowledge from the mistakes you make, as this will improve everything across the board.

Look to Your Mentors

You’re not in it on your own! And even if you don’t have mentors, look at the people you admire, and see that they all struggle with a period of self-doubt. Making better decisions is about looking at the people you admire, and, perhaps, want to emulate, but also realizing that these people are human. And once we start to allow ourselves to make mistakes, because the people we admire went through the same thing, we can lead with a more relaxed attitude.

Keeping Calm

If you feel that everything is piling on top of you, you can afford to take 10 minutes away, take a few deep breaths, and center yourself. It’s not just a way to calm your stress levels, but it helps you to regain a new perspective. Sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees, and when we feel that the ship has hit the iceberg, and the life jackets are out, we’ve got to act now! Instead, look at the situation in the round, center yourself, and understand that you can make better decisions when you are focused, in the zone, and calm.

Improving your business is all about the decisions you make. And remember, if you feel the weight of the company on your shoulders, delegating is one of those components you should consider. But, on a basic level, making business decisions is all about what you feel on the inside.

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