• February 13, 2020

Remote Working and Why Many Businesses Are Switching

There are many different remote services we can use now in 2020, the world really is your oyster with access to offices and buildings worldwide with the click of a button, we really can become connected in ways we never dreamed possible a few years ago. If you thought that video conferencing was clever that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Businesses are now taking a serious interest in remote services and rightly so. There are many reasons this new way of working benefits business. Of course, there is an element of financial gain with remote services and working methods, but here are a few more options and reasons why we can all feel connected, have more time to ourselves with the time we are able to save.

Cloud Services

Cloud services such as Cloud Computing and cloud storage has been a real game-changer when it comes to business. There are so many more energy-saving and time-saving services now that can help businesses overcome problems that they might not have been able to in the past, that a lot more opportunities are at our fingertips. We are now able to access files from any device anywhere in the world and can do so within seconds. This makes business contracts, services and supports faster than ever before. And since time is money this is an attractive prospect to many businesses. This enables people to use storage for things other than archives, and pieces of paper that otherwise may not be needed. Gone are the days where you could have piles and piles of paper just to ensure that you have recorded “just in case”. This is not only wonderful for the environment, but takes up a lot less space, and energy. Cloud services as well are becoming more and more popular. Been able to communicate via the cloud, and doing so at the speed of light is very useful.


Many people are now able to work from home, and still have meetings with people that they work with. Clients and service providers are able to communicate effectively without leaving their homes. This not only saves time on the commute, but it also reduces emissions, commuting costs, and above all else time working. This, of course, increases productivity and everybody is able to get on with the day after a quick call. Due to technology now we are able to communicate “face-to-face” via video calls.


Technology is move in at an incredible speed, we are able to now track and communicate via CCTV to improve security at our business locations. Not only outside the building for intruders trying to get in, but also from people trying to commit crimes within our buildings. With remote alerts, we can tap into a system and see what’s going on within seconds. This gives us the freedom to feel secure, and provide police with information If needed. This is not only a wonderful deterrent, but it also can improve productivity, and drive down costs. Business losses or something that nobody wants to have to deal with, so these pieces of technology can be invaluable.


Production lines and warehouses are now very much digitally connected. Been able to see what is sold, communicate that to a warehouse, and then receive reports on how quickly an item is picked packed and sent out of the warehouse, is invaluable information. They tell us such as this helps improve processes over time, and it can also help you predict where sales are going to be coming from, and how much stock you need to send to stores. Fully automated systems and reporting can be crucial to a business. And knowing exactly what is coming in And out of the warehouse helps you to be able to keep an eye on everything.

IT Support

We used to have to call an engineer out to check over our IT equipment if anything ever went wrong. But that is no longer the case, with remote access to our PCs and technology, and the ability to be able to receive help without even putting the phone down means that it gives us the freedom to move onto our next project, once somebody has fixed our IT issue. People pay good money to have this option so that there is very little downtime if anything goes wrong. Making sure that everybody within the business has the correct IT support is something that everybody will appreciate. Nobody likes to have a broken computer and no way of fixing it. This, of course, is a much quicker and easier way of gaining IT support.

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