• July 7, 2023

How to Make a Good Impression Without Being Overbearing: A Business Guide

Do you often worry about your presentation as a business owner? Maybe you’re often thinking about what other companies think of you, and the kind of reputation you hold in your network?

These are all common thoughts for an entrepreneur to have, but they can be overwhelming at times, and prevent you from doing your best work. And that’s exactly why you should deep dive into what makes a good impression, especially if you’re worried about coming across as overbearing or ‘too positive’. 

Get Started with a Casual Conversation

A casual conversation takes the pressure off on either side. You’re just having a simple chat, talking about the weather or your hobbies, and that’s pleasant enough to lead into a more serious business conversation. 

Plus, talking casually helps you find out more about the personal side of the person in front of you, which is always a bonus when you’re growing your network. You want to make friends here and not just contacts! 

Don’t Force a Smile

Smiling when you don’t mean it can be disingenuous, and a lot of people can spot that a mile away. Not only does it make you feel a bit fake in the business scene, but it can even come off as creepy – that’s not an impression you ever want to give someone in the professional world! 

Instead, set your face neutrally and let your real expressions come through. You’ll come across as a lot more legitimate and friendly, and when you smile you’ll really mean it! That’s always a nice thing to see on a potential network connection’s face. 

Brand Your Event Decorations

If you’re going to be hosting an event of your own, you’re going to want to brand the decorations and overall theme in just the right way. However, you can’t just walk up to people and talk about how you’ve sponsored the whole thing! 

So what can you do instead? Start with setting up a durable event step and repeat backdrops and banners – this way your logo and name will be in every single picture taken of the night, and your name will never be off a guest’s mind. 

Look into Your Event Guests

Hosting an event isn’t just about getting the best into one room. It’s also about providing them with the best experience possible. And to do that, you’ll want to do your research. Don’t just stop at deciding who needs to come, or who owns the biggest and most successful businesses in the area; find out about the people behind those names. 

Where did they come from? How long did it take them to build their company? Who do they work with? And what kind of things do they post on social media? You can find out a lot from a few Instagram posts, and they’ll certainly help you talk to them properly! 

Making a good impression can take effort. However, you won’t need to let the effort show with tips like these!

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