• July 24, 2018

Best 4 Reasons to Hold Meetings in a Business Lounge

When most people think of finding office space for rent instead of having clients visit their home offices, they think about reserving space in conference rooms. While that’s fine, there is another alternative. A business lounge may be the best place to hold those meetings. Here are some examples of why this type of space could serve your purpose better.

A Change of Pace

Most people expect to meet in a conference room. When you decide to go with a Toronto business lounge instead, there’s a little element of surprise there. The fact that the setting is more relaxed can make it easier for people to settle in and feel more like they are visiting rather than there for business only. What typically happens is that quite a bit of business gets done during the course of the conversation.

Informal Furniture Arrangement

The seating in many conference rooms is fine, but it’s not necessarily conducive to sitting for a couple of hours at a time. When you decide to look for office space for rent and need a larger meeting place, compare the conference room with a business lounge. What you are likely to find is that the furniture in the lounge is less formal, more comfortable, and the furniture can be arranged in several different ways. That will make it all the easier to set up the space in whatever way you need and ensure everyone is comfortable for the duration of the meeting.

It’s not just the furniture that is arranged in a way that makes people feel more comfortable either. It’s everything about the space, right down to the lighting. Hiring a commercial lighting agency to fit stunning lights that provide enough to be able to see, but not too much that people feel like they are being interrogated is a fantastic idea. Combining everything, you are creating the perfect atmosphere to conduct business deals and whatever else you will be talking about.

People are More Relaxed and Likely to Participate in Discussions

There’s a lot to be said for the additional comfort found in a Toronto business lounge. People who may be uncomfortable speaking out when they are attending a meeting in a formal setting are often less likely to hold back in a more relaxed space. If you want to keep the mood light and entice people to participate, a lounge creates the type of atmosphere necessary to promote more interaction. By having more people actively participate, there is a higher chance of coming up with more ideas on how to make the business relationship with your clients better than ever.

Room for Food

When you set out to find the right office space for rent, understand that lounges and conference rooms are a little different. Conference rooms are typically set up for business meetings. With a lounge, there is usually some space set aside for snacks, beverages, and maybe even room to arrange a buffet. That’s a great approach if you plan on holding the meeting early in the morning or around lunch. When people come into the lounge, the combination of comfortable seating and food near at hand is sure to make them feel more welcome.

If you’ve never thought about including a Toronto business lounge in your temporary office space for rent, take the time to tour this type of space. Ask about how past clients have used the lounge and think about why this space would be perfect for your next meeting. After you try it once, you may never want to rent a conference room again.