• April 8, 2020

Going Green for Green

Did you know that building a more eco-friendly business is one of the best ways to boost your bottom line? Well, it is. Adopting a green approach to business reduces running costs, opens the door to tax relief, and enhances the brand image. The benefits for your finances are three-fold, but only when you take the right steps to make it happen. Here are five of the best.


Outsourcing can be an ideal way to reduce your carbon footprint. The direct benefits include reduced energy usage in the office. Meanwhile, indirect rewards include issues like reduced travel. Whether it’s managed IT services, customer care, or marketing doesn’t matter. The fact that the people you hire through the gig economy, for example, have the facilities at their disposal is another positive step.

The concept of outsourcing doesn’t remove energy usage and other issues that contribute to the carbon footprint. Nonetheless, it will significantly reduce the output levels.

Modify Appliances

Appliance energy consumption levels will dramatically influence the energy usage across your company. Improvements to utilities such as the toilets, staff kitchen items, and lighting will work wonders. However, machinery and tools that are used for daily tasks should also be upgraded for optimal performance. This could mean replacing them or using more frequent maintenance.

It doesn’t only boost the energy efficiency level. These steps will often increase rate of productivity and staff engagement. In turn, this can encourage you to make further updates.

Greener Disposals

Your company will go through a lot of disposable assets. Machinery and digital data must be removed in an ethical manner. Visit to learn more about this. Meanwhile, paper waste should also be disposed of in a way that is legal and allows it to be recycled. In today’s climate, switching from hard copies to digitally stored files is one of the most effective ways of gaining success.

Customers will appreciate that the brand cares about their data as well as the planet. Likewise, this is an issue that employees can get behind to enjoy a stronger bond with the firm.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

If you’re keen to implement changes that customers will notice, eco-friendly packaging is ideal. Using recycled materials and plastic-free packaging reduces the damage caused by your brand. Clients can instantly associate your business with responsible actions. In many cases, this type of packaging is streamlined too. In turn, you can get more items on the freight trucks. Perfect.

Adapting your approach to packaging won’t impact the quality of your products or bring negativity to daily tasks. Therefore, the only changes are positive ones.

Use Video Conferencing

Whether connecting to employees based at another office or meeting with clients doesn’t matter. Travel aspects can cause a lot of unnecessary emissions. Video conferencing removes the need for driving or flights. Software at makes it easy to embrace the modern approach. Better still, once the meeting is over, everyone can get back to the job at hand rather than wasting time.

Modern communication has enhanced our lives in many ways, but this is one of the best. Now is the time to take charge for the sake of productivity, profitability, and the planet.

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