• September 14, 2019

That Go-Getter Business Mentality

If you are a go-getter in business, you are all about efficiency and effectiveness. You can’t be wasting time on what people think you should do, you should just do it. That is the big difference between you and those others, while they are debating and theorizing on what should be done, you are the one sticking your neck out and doing it.

So if you want to climb that mountain? Just do it. Or if you’re going to write that book? Just do it! Want to buy a coffee shop? Just do it. Found a wedding and event venue for sale that is brimming with possibility. Just do it. If you’re going to kick off your new business idea? Get started!

There are no impossibilities, only challenges to overcome. Here is how you keep that lean and mean approach to your business.

Stay Footloose

Don’t bother with anything that will tie you into a long lease or contract. For example, a mobile phone is enough not to bother with landlines. If you need a landline, you can find services that provide you the same functionality. When considering business space, think really hard if you actually need one. Most single-person operations can simply work from home or in a coffee shop. If you need a meeting room, you can probably go on location or simply rent space by the hour. Staying as footloose as possible for business means you can be agile and scale up and down as needed.

All Things Cloud

Avoid desktop-based apps and embrace the cloud. Desktop apps are going the way of the dodo, and you will want to be as nimble as possible here. Use online business applications for all the essential aspects of running your business. Using cloud-based apps have the benefit of being flexible, scalable, not dependant on your computer’s specs, and you can access it from anywhere. Never have downtime just because you spilled some coffee on your laptop.

Create Your Army

Make use of freelancers whenever it’s sensible. Having a large payroll is usually the point where businesses stop being agile. See how far you can get by using freelancers to deliver parts of the business. It might take some time as you will have to find a group of freelancers that will provide the right quality at the right price, but once established, you have yourself a powerful virtual team. Communicating with said team using all the online (and free) tools such as Skype, Facetime, and project management tools is also the right way to go.

Shake Hands, Lots of Them

Network, network like crazy. It’s hard work cold calling for business and kudos if you are one of those hardcore people. The best way, however, to get business is via referral. So make sure you introduce yourself, have a great elevator-style pitch ready to explain what you do and why you do it better than the rest. Have ‘products’ available that will get you an easy entry, for example, a ‘free audit’ or ‘free consultation’ always does well. Remember, time is precious, so make sure you deliver it on a silver platter. Be polite, but also have the conviction that the person you are talking to will equally benefit from you two doing business. Get into the go-getter mindset.

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