• August 5, 2019

Genius Green Business Ideas for Eco-Warriors

Launching a new business is something many of us dream about at some point in our lives. Being able to break away from the monotony of the 9-5 and instead work for yourself seems like a true dream, but there are always things that stand in the way of this dream.

One of those things is simply coming up with a great idea. Coming up with a winning business idea is harder than you think some people never make it past that stage.

With the way the world is changing this year, it is becoming more and more important for us to be environmentally conscious and friendly, and many business owners are choosing to become green to help make a positive impact on the world. Today we are going to take a look at just a few of the amazing green business ideas you could launch in 2019 and beyond.

Sustainable Chemicals

The term chemical is one which is often misinterpreted. It is a term which describes every atom in existence, but in a general sense we use it to describe unnaturally synthesised solutions. Chemicals are used for everything from food, to fragrance, to fuel, and it is important for us to have a sustainable and clean source of chemicals wherever possible. This is why the go-to company for deuterium labelled compounds and other similar companies are so unique and useful, and why you could consider this as a career.


The most obvious business idea you can consider when looking to go green is to open a recycling business. When it comes to making an impact on the environment there isn’t much which is more effective than recycling food and plastic waste. We all know the devastating impact that plastic can have on ocean life and birds, which is why encouraging recycling in your local area is a wonderful thing to do.

Farmer’s Market Vendor

Growing your own produce and selling it at a farmer’s market can be a great way to encourage people to eat healthily and it will provide people with the chance to support local business and eat produce that has been grown locally without costing too much energy. When food is imported from other locations it can cost a lot of money and uses a lot of energy which in turn emits CO2. Saving transport is a great way to save the planet.

Green Blogger

Sometimes the impact you make on the world isn’t physical and instead is influential. If you don’t have the funds to invest in a huge company who recycles and repurposes waste, it is a good idea to start a blog which shows people how to scrimp and save and make a difference to their lives by living sustainably. The influence you can have on the people who read your blog can make a bigger impact on the environment and this can be a great thing for you and the world.


If you are looking to be green and you are also green fingered, it is a great idea for you to become a gardener and enjoy spending your days planting flowers and trees which will produce oxygen and take carbon dioxide out of the air. Being a gardener puts you in a unique position to look after the planet first hand and it can make a big impact on you in many ways.

Eco-Friendly Fashion

Sweatshops and highly processed clothes are a regular occurrence and at this point, a normal part of the fashion industry. It takes a lot of chemicals and machines to make popular brand clothing and this of course has a huge impact on our environment. However, it is important for us to find ways to create clothing in a sustainable manner, using sewing machines and natural dye such as calendula.

Eco-Friendly Beauty

We all know how many chemicals are involved in beauty products, and it is important for us to change this and take a stand against the highly processed nature of beauty. Beauty products can be surprisingly easy to make in a sustainable way, and products such as lipstick can be made from coconut oil, shea butter and food colouring for a fraction of the price of expensive brands. Creating beauty products which are healthier and more eco-friendly can be a lucrative business for you.


With a bit of foresight almost anything can be upcycled, and for a wonderful business you can dive into, upcycling secondhand furniture and items can be ideal. You can unleash your creativity and sell on some unique pieces made from old and worn out products which would otherwise be scrapped.

A pretty interesting post, huh?

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