• August 15, 2018

Essential Traits for Anyone Who Works in Marketing

Marketing is a vast and popular career option. People all over the world have seen the true value of this part of business in the last few years and that has helped propel many people into the fray of marketing themselves. However, if you are going to be successful in a marketing role you absolutely have to have some key traits. So if you are thinking of a drastic career change this year, here are the essential personality traits you need for a marketing role.

Willingness to Learn

By nature, marketing is a very evolving career choice. When it comes to marketing for a business you need to always be able to change and evolve according to trends in the wider world such as with culture, colour and technology. This means that taking a masters in marketing online is a great step for you in the role and this won’t be where the learning stops. You will need to stay in the loop with trends constantly to make sure that you are always able to be the best you can be.


As someone who works in a marketing role, you are at the centre of the business and you will often end up as the face of the business. Being the one who shares posts on social media, creates product packaging and everything else which shows a business off can put you on a position to receive negativity from customers. As a marketing professional you need a thick skin and you need to learn how to shrug off what people say to you. It can be stressful but these comments are not aimed at you, they are at the brand and usually by trolls.


Possibly the most important trait of all which someone who is working on marketing can have is creativity. You want to be someone who is pouring with ideas every single second of the day and you need to be someone who is able to always see the beauty in things around you. If you are the kind of person who comes up with stories, ideas of paintings and products on a daily basis, you are the perfect candidate for a marketing role.


To be in the marketing world and to own it, you need to be an enthusiastic person and to genuinely love the role you do each and every day. Marketing effectively takes a lot of groundwork and you need to make sure that you are able to put that work in and show everyone that you are made for this career.

Tech Skills

It goes without saying that you need to know about more than using pen and paper in a marketing role. Marketing is largely made up of social media, e-mail software and reporting and analysis to make changes to your strategy. Because of this, you need to be a quick learner and someone who already has an affinity with technology. This will make it much easier for you to become a marketing professional.

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