• January 17, 2020

Desperate to Be Known as Something Other Than a Small Business?

Carrying the title of a small business is like carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. So much stigma comes from being called a small business. People think you’re not making a profit. They might think you’re only local based. They might think you’re a one man band.

The point is, when you’re only known as a small business, life is so much harder. It’s far harder for customers to form a relationship based on trust with a small business. They’d much rather go for the bigger businesses that they know they have more security with. A big business has the established brand to come with it, the years of experience, and the trustworthy reviews. You as a small business might not have any of that, so you look like the weaker option. The only way to get rid of this stigma is to banish it entirely, and make out of the small business waters. If you’re struggling to do so, we’re going to show you what needs to be done.

Better Network Management

The network is the powerhouse of your business. The network and server that you use is going to hold all of the data that you need during the day to function like a normal business. But you might not be functioning like a normal business if you’re not on a managed server, like many businesses aren’t. A slow server can lead to delays in productivity, downtime of your website, and a poor reputation. So instead, have a look at websites such as, and see if you can benefit from their services. Hint, you most definitely will.It’s a big step to change server and network management. But as your business grows, and your website and the data you hold grows with it, you need to move with the times and focus on how management can improve your business.

A Revamp

A revamp is sometimes essential. If you want to stop being known as a small business, you need to stop looking like one. To do so, you have to focus on your website and your brand as a whole, and how they can be improved. Often a small business website is basic due to the lack of funds to create on in the beginning. Simply sitting down with a web designer and graphic designer could see you with a completely new logo and website. It’s like a right of passage for a small business to have a website and logo upgrade.

Better Marketing Techniques

Marketing is going to play a big part in your attempts to be more well known. Marketing can take you from being a spec on the social media platforms, to being posted all over the place for everyone to see. You could try billboard marketing and TV advertising as a strong combination. As costly as the two might be when put together, they’re highly effective. Plus, the results are pretty much instant, unlike many of the other marketing techniques out there. SEO, for example, is more of a long winded technique, but the one you should also be trying this year!

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