• June 3, 2021

Designing an Office Space That Boosts Well Being

If you want your company to thrive, you’ve got to closely consider employee well-being. Businesses that neglect the importance of well-being will experience high rates of absenteeism, high staff turnover, and lower productivity rates. To design an office space that boosts well-being, focus on these ideas.

Color & Art

According to research from the Park West Gallery, creating or viewing artwork is helpful to improve health and lower rates of depression and anxiety. When you’re decorating your office space, choose beautiful and inspiring art pieces. Artwork can help you to create an inviting and professional look. With the right decor choices, you’ll boost the spirits of your employees.

When you’re designing an office space, it’s important to choose the right colors. Bright colors are useful to boost creativity. Painting all of your walls in bold colors can be a little overpowering. To achieve the right balance, go for a mix of white walls and brightly colored walls. Yellow symbolizes creativity, positivity, and energy- all the elements you need for a productive workspace.

Air Quality & Light

Back in April 2019, Future Workplace carried out a Workplace Wellness Study. The study confirmed that improved air quality had a positive effect on workplace well-being. The research also indicated that natural light helped employees to feel healthier and happier. Unfortunately, ‘60% of workers reported that their companies don’t provide an adequate level of light.’ Ensure that your office is filled with natural light. You may also consider using air purifiers, to improve the quality of your indoor air.

 Clutter-Free and Clean

Make sure that your office is clutter-free and clean, to create a comfortable and healthy environment. A professional-looking office is important for your staff as well as your clients. While you’re at it, clean up the exterior of your building too. With Pressure Washing services, you can remove the dirt and debris from the outside of your building. A well-kept office gives off the right impression, helping to improve your image.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are the perfect decor option for any office space. According to a study in Forbes Magazine, ‘keeping potted plants and flowers around your workspace can substantially improve your creative performance and problem-solving skills.’ There are plenty of indoor plants that are easy to look after. A few options include Chinese Evergreen, Snake Plant, Pothos, or Peace Lily.

Options for Exercise

To boost well-being in the workplace, give your employees options for exercise and movement. You might like to provide standing desks, as well as regular desks? Under-desk bikes are another great way to squeeze exercise into the workday. If you have the budget and space, on-site exercise classes are a fantastic way to promote health and wellness.


Providing ergonomic desks is important to support health and wellbeing. Choose ergonomic chairs and ensure that monitors are positioned correctly. The Ergonomics app is a great tool to help you achieve the correct setup. The app also provides advice on stretching activities, to support staff health. Ergonomics is a key aspect of health and safety in the workplace.

Simple ideas like these will make all the difference to your office design. Before you make changes, create a design plan, or consider working with an interior designer.

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