• June 28, 2021

Keeping Your Business Safe from Covid Right Now

Things might be looking up on the Covid front – more people are getting vaccinated every day and the signs are good for restrictions being relaxed or removed in the near future, but that does not mean that you don’t, as a business owner, have to take the threat seriously.

Covid can, if there is an outbreak, still shut down businesses, which is why you need to do everything in your power to keep your business safe from covid. With that in mind, here are a few things you might want to do:

Remote Working

Where possible, allowing your employees to work remotely is an excellent way of minimizing the risk of covid making its way through your workforce. A lot of business owners don’t like the idea of allowing remote working more permanently because they worry staff will take advantage, but most of the stats show that remote working is actually more productive, so there is no reason not to continue with it.

Keep the Place Clean

If your staff are not working from home, it is really important that you keep your workplace spotlessly clean. That not only means employing real;y high-quality cleaners in the office, but also using technology like UVC disinfection lights to really ensure that as many germs are killed as possible. The cleaner your working environment, the less likely you’ll have to close down for a spell due to covid outbreaks.

Maintain Strict Limits

If you have clients coming into your place of work, it is sensible to place strict limits on how many people are allowed in at any one time. This will help you to maintain social distancing and give you time to clean various areas before and after clients attend the workplace.

Be Generous With Sick Days

Sick days may be expensive for your small business, but having to close down due to a staff member bringing in covid would be more expensive, so be sure to be as generous as possible with sick days, and don’t make your employees feel like they must come in even id they are not feeling 100 percent because it could backfire on your spectacularly.

Focus On Marketing

Right now, more than ever, you need to focus on your marketing efforts if you want to keep your business safe from the threat of covid. A lot of people are being a lot more choosy about the products and services they buy in a bid to save their money in case covid hits them, so you need to really convince them that your products and services are worth buying.

How can you do this? Updating your copy is a good place to start as is having social media influencers mention your stuff, but anything you can do to spread the word and increase your sales will help to keep your business going right now.

While covid is still a threat, you are going to need to do things differently as a business, so stay mindful, be careful and keep your business safe.

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