• May 1, 2020

Is a DBA Degree Worth It?

A DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) degree is something that those who are seeking to gain additional specialized qualifications might be interesting in pursuing. It is seen as one of the most advanced degrees to obtain and therefore it is certainly a prize sought by employers when looking for an employee.

If you were thinking of starting your own business, a DBA could be a solid grounding for that path too.

A DBA is a huge amount of hard work, of course. Nothing so important could ever be considered easy or else everyone would have one and it would no longer be special. So, is all that hard work and potential pressure worth it? Read on to find out more and make your own decision.

Stand out From the Crowd

You may be asking yourself is a DBA degree worth it? If you are, think of all the people who are going to be applying for the highly paid, hugely interesting jobs you yourself are applying for. Many, if not all, are going to have more than a standard degree. Many will also have MBAs which is currently seen as a high standard of education when it comes to some career paths.

A DBA, which is a step up from an MBA, is clearly going to make you stand out from the potentially very large crowd. These programs are specially designed to give executives advanced knowledge and tools, so an employer seeing that you have this degree will want to speak to you over someone with just an MBA.

A Lot of Choice

One of the best things about achieving a DBA is what will happen afterwards. When you have a specialized and relatively rare qualification such as this, you will have many different career paths open to you. You can literally take your pick from dozens, if not hundreds, of different options.

Some of these career fields include:

  • Business
  • Government
  • Education
  • Consultancy
  • Healthcare

What is it that excites you and will make you glad to go to work each morning? With a DBA you can pick and choose, and make sure you have a career that truly suits you. Plus, if you want to change your mind at a later date and do something else, your DBA will allow for that too.

More Money

There is a universal truth that the more qualifications you have, and the higher level you have them at, the more money you can earn — and this is certainly accurate with a DBA. With this kind of education, you can realistically look at achieving six-figure salaries in every department you would be interested in working in.

If the company you want to work for is small, then the figure might be smaller too, but it will still be much higher than if you did not have this specialized degree. Although money might not be everything, it is always going to be important, and if you want to guarantee a comfortable life doing a job you love, then acquiring a DBA is a good first step.