• April 5, 2022

Creative Design Tips To Improve Your Backyard This Summer

Summer is a few months away, and you are ready to embrace the warm weather and sunshine, but what about your backyard? In 2020, there was a significant increase in backyard renovations from homeowners, with many of them spending 25% more on deck and porch renovations compared to 2018. During the summertime, your backyard is perfect for enjoying the sun and spending time with friends and family. Additionally, a stunning and well-kept backyard can increase your home’s value when it’s time to put it up on the market. With a few vital sprucing-up tips, your backyard can be transformed into the perfect hangout spot this summer. Here are a few.

Light Up Your Backyard

The summer presents you with the best opportunity to spend your evenings outdoors. A few things make summer nights the best: small fires, a cozy blanket, a drink or two. How you choose to light your backyard can also add to the fun of your outdoor summer evenings. Your choice of lighting should be able to do many things at once. It should illuminate your backyard and add ambiance and beauty to your home. There are several lighting strategies to help you create that fun summer night vibe depending on the size of your backyard and personal design preferences. 

String lights are a popular option, especially if you have trees in your backyard. If not, you can head to the hardware store and buy some poles to support the lights. You can also weave them in your vines for a more natural look. Also, consider adding lighting to your pool or strategically adding unique, fun lighting pieces to different parts of your backyard. 

Build a Greenhouse

While greenhouses take a back seat during the warmer seasons, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be used during the summer. Greenhouses can run year-round, and if you have a green thumb, you can make it your go-to place to hang out in the summer. A well-thought-out greenhouse can be a stylish addition to your backyard. You can also turn it into a multi-purpose space. You can create a cozy seating arrangement where you can relax while surrounded by lush greenery. You can also turn a section of your greenhouse into a wellness space where you can practice meditation and yoga. 

There are several beautiful greenhouse designs to check out. Some of the most popular designs use fabric roofs. Fabric roof buildings are known to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them perfect for a year-round greenhouse.

Install a Gazebo

Gazebos are excellent additions to your outdoor space that allow you to spend time outdoors, especially during those precipitous summer rainfalls. It is the perfect place to entertain guests and have small summer get-togethers. If you plan to spend most of your evenings outdoors, you can get a gazebo with a built-in lighting system. Some people also include fireplaces or bars in their gazebos. The choice is yours. 

Your backyard should be your sanctuary this upcoming summer. With these design ideas, it will quickly become the place to be among your friends and family.

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