• November 19, 2020

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Protect Their Health

Entrepreneurs rarely experience a dull moment; while the business world is exciting, there are plenty of pressures that can impact your health. The best thing to do is to devise a strategy to support both your mental and physical health. To help you do this, try out these five practical ideas.

Create a Support Network

Running a business is no easy task; to protect your health, it’s useful to create a strong support network. Build a network of mentors, suppliers, collaborators, clients, and friends who support you and your company. There are several online associations for entrepreneurs; these can be excellent sources of support, info, and advice. You might like to start with the following:

  • Association For Entrepreneurship USA: The AFE is an organization that supports small business owners across America. Here you can find support through education, peer mentoring, and community involvement.
  • The National Association For The Self Employed: The NASE is a well-known institution for small business owners. Joining up means you’ll access plenty of benefits, including advocacy, insurance, legal services, and more.

Prioritize Health & Safety at Work

Workplace health and safety should be a top priority. To keep things safe for you and your staff, you’ll need to perform regular risk assessments. Hold frequent health and safety training sessions; update your policies when necessary; and ensure that all staff understand what’s expected of them.

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Retain Your Work-Life Balance

Life as an entrepreneur can be fast-paced, but it’s important to retain your work-life balance. Take enough vacation time, allow yourself a flexible work schedule, and keep up your social commitments and hobbies. Failing to achieve a good work-life balance means you’ll be more prone to burn out, which will negatively impact your success.

Try Business Well Being Apps

Need a little more health inspiration? There are a few business well being apps that can help you support your health and the health of your staff.

  • Unmind: The Unmind app was designed to support mental health in the workplace. Using this app, you can track mental health, create health roadmaps, and access plenty of tips.
  • Life Dojo: The LifeDojo app offers well-being coaching, positive habit building, and general wellness support for the workplace.

Identify Stressors

It’s helpful to identify your stressors, and this way, you’ll be more likely to come up with support strategies. Whether it’s financial stresses, long hours, or a dysfunctional team, understanding your stressors is one of the first steps toward change.

With a few winning ideas in place, you’ll soon create a healthy roadmap to drive success ongoing. Lastly, when you’re improving your office, ensure that you choose ergonomic workstations, and plenty of plants and natural light. Small adjustments like this will make all the difference to your health!

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