• November 5, 2020

Cheap Renovation Hacks for Your Property Flip

If you are keen to invest in property and you are looking for an easy and quick way to pocket some cash, consider buying a fixer-upper. These often near-derelict dwellings can be real money makers if you purchase the worst house on the best street. By undertaking a scheme of works, you can renovate quickly, relist the pad, and sell it on for a lucrative profit by breaking the ceiling price of the road.

Follow this guide and consider these cheap renovation hacks to flip your property and start a profitable side hustle.


Being sustainable is admirable, but reusing furniture, white good, or kitchen units can be a simple way to save money on fixer upper renovations. When checking out your kitchen, consider the integrity of the cabinets. If the base units are sound, you may only need to replace the doors and handles, This simple upgrade can save you a small fortune. If you have a dishwasher in place that no longer works, don’t assume that it needs replacing. Check out the YouTube guides online and consider that it may just be the filter or solenoid valve that needs replacing. For just a few pounds, you can buy a two-way Tameson solenoid valve and replace the defective part to have a good-as-new white good fit for a twenty first century kitchen.


The flooring in any home creates the first impression for any buyer. If you have cheap laminate laid, the entire vibe of the pad can look below-par. It will lack the sophisticated edge that you need to achieve the maximum price when you come to sell. Instead, take a look at the original flooring that you might be fortunate enough to discover. If you have purchased a Victorian pad, you might be lucky enough to find original oak floorboards or some herringbone parquet. Whip out the sandblaster, do some repairs and varnish the wood to create an authentic feel to this newly renovated dwelling. If you fancy plush carpet in the living spaces, go for an offcut that is quality. These are often cheaper than buying from a carpet showroom.


Potential buyers of your flipped house will be keen to see a blank canvas. This will give them enough opportunity to flex their own interior design muscles. Going minimalist is an easy interior design approach to take and it is also relatively cheap. Going for more ornate or bespoke fixtures and fittings can be more expensive, and you run the risk of alienating buyers that want unfussy interiors. Keep the decor simple and go for white walls, simple flooring, a white bathroom suite, muted hues for your emulsion, and when dressing any property, opt for classic sofas and tables. You won’t need to fork out a small fortune on knick-knacks or ornaments.

When you conduct viewings, show off the minimalist decor and enjoy telling the story of the fixer upper.

Every buyer wants to know the history of the home that they are about to purchase. Follow this guide and you can employ some cheap renovation hacks for your property flip.

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