• September 12, 2023

Should You Buy an RV?

Many of us dream of owning an RV and going on epic road trips. However, the reality of owning an RV can be very different to the fantasy, and it’s important to consider this before you make a purchase. Below are just some of the important questions that could be worth asking yourself before buying such a vehicle.

Can You Afford an RV?

An RV can cost anywhere from $10k for a used camper van to upwards of £1m for a brand new luxury motorhome. In most cases, people finance their purchase with a loan. You need to make sure that you can afford these loan repayments alongside other running costs like fuel and insurance. You may end up saving money on hotels in the long run, but bear in mind that you may still need to pay for camping lots if you need a charging point or access to bathroom facilities. 

Of course, you can make money from an RV by renting out. Just be prepared to clean it each time and be willing to limit your personal usage in order to find clients.

Will You Get Good Use Out of It?

Owning an RV can give you the freedom to go on spontaneous road trips whenever you feel like it without having to book a hotel. But will you take advantage of this freedom? Some RVs end up gathering dust on a driveway for most of the year. To get good use out of these vehicles, you want to be taking them out regularly/living in them.

You may be able to make up for an RV not being personally used for most of the year by renting it out or even using it as a guest bedroom. If you’re only planning to use an RV for a single epic trip, you may want to consider whether renting is a better option. This could be less of a long-term commitment.

Where Will You Park Your RV When Not in Use?

Your RV needs to be parked somewhere secure near your home. If you don’t have a driveway or parking space outside your home, consider whether you’re truly willing to have it parked out of sight.

Is there anywhere that offers RV storage near me? This could be a worthwhile service looking into, although you will have to pay for it. Alternatively, you may be able to pay a neighbor to park it on their driveway. 

Are You Happy Driving an RV?

RVs can be big vehicles. If you’re used to small cars, it could be quite a big step up to a camper van – and more so for a motorhome.

If the idea of driving a vehicle this big fills you with fright, consider whether it’s a fear you’re able to overcome. Regular driving will of course get you used to driving such a large vehicle. 

Are You Happy Living in an RV?

While living in an RV is much more luxurious than living in a tent, it can still be quite rugged compared to a hotel room. Motorhomes will have toilets and kitchen facilities fitted, whereas camper vans may not (although you can install some of these facilities depending on the size of the van). You need to consider what level of luxury you can cope with and what you can afford.

There will be various maintenance tasks to consider too while owning an RV. This could include emptying the toilet and locking everything away each time before you set off. Make sure you’re prepared for this.

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