• March 11, 2021

Business Reputation Starts Inside

Originally, reputation management comes from the field of public relations (and specifically – from the field of long-term public relations), where the main goal of the reputation management process is to create and / or improve a negative image on the Internet. On the one hand, digital marketing enables business owners to advertise and promote themselves extensively and effectively.

On the other hand, they must take into account that the online environment is a particularly crowded competitive arena. In addition, they must internalize that despite the benefits of digital marketing, sometimes this environment actually works to their detriment. One of the most relevant examples of this is surfers / customers who leave negative mentions on the web.

Online Reputation Management – New Generation Public Relations

As we mentioned in the introduction, the source of online reputation management is in the field of public relations. We will now go on to review the main reasons why we need online reputation management:

  1. Remove negative mentions on Google and social networks related to our business activities.
  2. Removing negative mentions on social media that have been maliciously posted.
  3. The appearance of many negative reviews of our business resulting from the mismanagement of previous employees / owners.
  4. Whether we have had previous negative reviews or not, we have a clear interest in managing our reputation online in order to build and strengthen our business image.

Here are some examples of effective ways to build reputation online:

  1. Writing articles and articles for your website.
  2. Writing professional / marketing content.
  3. Writing content and managing social networks (for example – a Facebook page and a business Instagram profile.
  4. Establishment and management of blogs and forums related to your field of activity.
  5. Establishing relationships with a PR and advertising company.
  6. Do charity work – get inspiration from Haval Dosky.

As mentioned, one of the overarching goals of online reputation management is to work for the removal of negative mentions on the web. In some cases, the removal of negative mentions and reviews can be totally eliminated, while in most cases, the process of pushing them to more secondary pages in the search engines can be caused. Statistically, at least 90% of all surfers do not go to the second page in Google. In addition, the amount of surfers who tend to scroll down and search beyond the number of first results, is by most, extremely low.

Creating New Digital Assets

A website, Facebook page, Instagram profile, etc., are the digital assets that make up your online presence. The most important part of the reputation management process, is to improve and upgrade each of these assets. Whether it is uploading more content to the site, sponsored and intensive promotion Of your Facebook page or more invested advertising of “Stories” in the Instagram profile, it will only add and contribute significantly to the success of the reputation management process. The way that your customers or clients view you is vital for success especially in this digital world when we aren’t communicating with them in the same way. It’s your time to shine.

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