• May 14, 2020

Attention-Grabbing Tactics Customers Can’t Resist

Companies are finding it more difficult than ever before to grab the attention of their customers. Not only are attention spans declining, but prospects have way more distractions in their environments than ever before.

Getting people’s attention on the internet is even more difficult. Companies are not only battling Google but also their increasingly sophisticated rivals. Practically everyone is now using business intelligence tools to drive growth and improve outreach.

So what can you do to reach out to customers and grab their attention from the get-go? Let’s take a look.

Send out a Survey

Customers who feel engaged with your firm are often keen to hand out feedback on what they like and what you could do better. The purpose of the exercise is, of course, mainly to generate data that you can use to improve. But surveys are also great marketing tools and prime opportunity to expose people to your brand.

Use Sales Funnels

Despite the concept being more than three decades old, some companies still aren’t taking advantage of sales funnels. This is a mistake.

Sales funnels are vital for convincing customers that they should part with their money and upselling. Sales letter funnels, for instance, can help you transition prospects to premium products with higher markups.

Ideally, what you want is a system that puts the customer in control. A sales funnel should feel like ordering from a menu at a restaurant. The customer should know the general parameters of the interaction, but also be able to customize it to their specific needs.

Get People to Spread Positive Reviews on Social Media

Social proof is becoming increasingly crucial for winning over modern customers. People want to see that their pees enjoyed using your services before they will part with cash themselves.

Getting your core customers to spread positive reviews on social media, therefore, can instantly get people interested in what you do. The more than you can encourage them to get the word out, the stronger the foundation on which you can build your business.

There are a couple of ways of going about this. Either you can approach your existing customers, or you can ask their permission to use their reviews on your social media pages.

Make Yourself Different in an Interesting Way

All companies need to present themselves as different from the competition if they want to earn market share. But the way that you do it can make a big difference.

At present, there are a lot of what you might call “cookie-cutter” enterprises out there. They increase the total supply of products across the industry, but they don’t offer anything customers can’t find elsewhere. Typically, the only option open to them is to slash their prices and sell them in bulk.

Making yourself different in an interesting way is the holy grail of modern marketing. You want to present your audience with a unique view of yourself and how your company operates. If you do this, then you can win them over in a way that many firms do not.

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